Computed Tomography Accessories

Adding accessories around our SOMATOM family of CT scanners to maximize your clinical outcome.

Trauma Patient CT Trolley by Grouleff

The CT Trolley (side-entry) is used for transportation of immobile and trauma patients. The CT Trolley is designed to move a patient from the preparation room to the CT scanner and lift the patient including the tabletop up on the CT scanner table.

Article number: 11154981

Accutron CT-D Injector by Medtron

CT-dual-syringe injector for application of contrast and saline. The Accutron CT-D fully meets the requirements regarding precision in diagnostics, patient-friendliness and economic efficiency.

Article numbers: 10400257 (pedestal version), 10400258 (ceiling mount version), 11363110 (power supply version)

Guide&GO Hardware Package by Kroemker

The Guide&GO Hardware Package contains two holders; one for the remote control, one for the SOMATOM GO tablet, to mount both on the table rail in the desired position during interventions.

Article number: 11363111

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