Improving Patient Experience through Accessory SolutionsThemed environments and patient entertainment solutions to optimize the diagnostic experience

Patient experience encompasses a wide variety of topics around the patient’s perception of their stay in the radiology center that can impact the workflow efficiency and bottom line. From the noise and duration of an MRI exam to the stress and pain of a screening mammogram, the circumstances of an examination can sometimes be on the patient’s mind more than the clinical benefit of a diagnosis.

Our solutions help you put patients at greater ease, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and a more efficient workflow.

Siemens Healthineers is partnering with NordicNeuroLab (NNL) and Dream Think Imagine (DTI) to design solutions which improve patient experience.

Siemens Healthineers - Accessory Solutions - Ease patients’ anxiety with edutainment

The NNL nordicComfortSolution is designed around an MRI-safe monitor (NNL InroomViewingDevice) and a media player, allowing the patient to focus on entertainment, preventing movement, reducing anxiety and aborted/repeated scans. The product consists of three main components:

  • An MRI 40-inch compatible monitor with an integrated camera as the in-room viewing device
  • A Microsoft Surface Pro as the Stim PC Clinical (touch)
  • The nordicComfortPlayer software containing music libraries and movies

The patient can also stream videos or bring and play their own media files.

Article number: 11363179

Siemens Healthineers - Accessory Solutions - A relaxing atmosphere through Themed environments

Dream Think Imagine (DTI) is dedicated to making hospitals feel very unhospital-like, to bringing the outside in for a truly relaxing experience. A range of products can be combined to create this atmosphere, from wall coverings and gantry skins with a permanent design to projections and light solutions which can be adapted to display a theme chosen by the patient.

With customizable theme design and solutions for a range of budgets. DTI is able to help make a scan more enjoyable for all patients, be they children or adults.

Article number: 11363129, 11363130 (Wall covering)