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syngo.via is efficient.

syngo.via1 helps to accelerate radiological workflows and saves valuable time. You can access and read cases quickly and easily with features such as automated pre-processing and pre-fetching of prior examinations.

syngo.via is flexible.

Modular licensing enables you to expand syngo.via with the needs of your medical facility – whether it’s a specialized practice or a major research hospital. It also makes it easy to share findings for fast and reliable clinical decisions – even on mobile devices2,3.

syngo.via is intelligent.

syngo.via guides you through the entire workflow. It indentifies human anatomy to support reliable and reproducible diagnostic results. And, it enables you to deliver the relevant findings in one single report.


More efficiency through intelligence: the new VA30 features

Thanks to a host of new and improved functions, syngo.via VA30 boosts efficiency throughout the entire workflow. It speeds up reading while driving diagnostic confidence, and makes it even easier to share results in high-quality reports.

New syngo.via VA30 features:

Anatomical Range Presets powered by ALPHA technology

The pioneering ALPHA technology automatically identifies and understands anatomical structures and thereby supports accelerated reading. The Anatomical Ranges function features a selection of anatomical presets and a choice of parallel, radial and curved ranges – for smarter, faster, more precise, and more consistent reading.

syngo.via Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting expedites the reporting workflow and makes it more structured and flexible. It enables you to efficiently communicate all findings from in one single document – and export it to any other system with a single click. What’s more, you can select from a number of layouts to create a high-quality report for referrers.

syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning

Rapid Stent Planning4, an extension to Rapid Results Technology, enables automatic completion of manufacturer-specific stent order forms. It guides users through all length and diameter measurements, and automatically transfers results to the corresponding order form. This improves accuracy and expedites a previously time consuming process.

syngo.Breast Care Link-it

The syngo.Breast Care Link-it5 application boosts quality and efficiency by matching regions of interest across multiple views: such as 2D and 3D files, current images, prior examinations, follow-ups, and even images from other mammography systems. This helps speed up decision-making while boosting diagnostic confidence.


syngo.via VA20 features and applications

Thanks to a range of new and improved functions, syngo.via is now easier to use for routine and advanced cases. Explore a small selection of the new features.

syngo.CT Bone Reading

This syngo.via option offers an optimized visualization for bone assessment in CT datasets. The rib cage and the spine are displayed unfolded in one plane. Interactive functionality with automated rib and spine labeling allow for efficient assessment of the complete anatomy plus efficient reporting of potential lesion locations.

Automatic Spine Labeling

This feature enables more precise diagnostics and rapid orientation within the image data. The software automatically labels the vertebrae in 3D images from CT or MR. This means you can simply refer to these labels when preparing a diagnosis rather than having to identify the vertebrae manually.

syngo.Breast Care

This is the standard client-server application for leading-edge mammography and tomosynthesis5 reading. The state-of-the-art function allows you to tailor workflows to your personal preferences, compare prior and follow-up exams, define layouts, sizes, and tools, and include images from other modalities such as Ultrasound and MR.


With syngo.via Element and the established syngo.via Workstation and syngo.via Server, Siemens offers 3D reading software for both routine and advanced applications.

This gives you the flexibility you need – whether you are based at a specialized practice or a major research hospital.

Interactive user interface

See how the Case Navigator guides you through the reading of a case. The Corner Menus give you access to all relevant tools directly from the clinical image – so you can stay focused on your core task.

All measurements are collected in the unique Findings Navigator, from which they can later be used to populate a report or for a clinical demonstration.


Explore the interactive user interface:

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1syngo.via kann einzeln oder zusammen mit anderen syngo.via-basierten Software-Optionen betrieben werden, die eigenständige Medizinprodukte sind.

2Die Voraussetzungen umfassen: Internetverbindung zum klinischen Netzwerk, DICOM-Kompatibilität, Einhaltung minimaler Hardwarevoraussetzungen sowie Beachtung lokaler Vorschriften zur Datensicherheit.

3syngo.Breast Care ist noch nicht in allen Ländern erhältlich. Aufgrund von medizinprodukterechtlichen Vorgaben kann die zukünftige Verfügbarkeit nicht zugesagt werden. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihre Siemens-Niederlassung vor Ort.