syngo Circulation

syngo Circulation is a complete cardiovascular evaluation package.

Eigenschaften & Vorteile

syngo Circulation allows users to fast-track noninvasive Cardiac and Coronary artery evaluation with minimal button-clicks and user interaction. Once the cardiac or vascular exam data is loaded into the package, automated segmentation of the coronary or vascular tree is performed. Coronary artery and vascular disease can be then evaluated utilizing accurate stenosis and plaque* evaluation tools. Additionally, the intuitive cardiac functional evaluation feature allows for a comprehensive analysis of cardiac hemodynamics. All of these features are complemented by a simple guided workflow along with thorough reporting and documentation functionality.

Clinical Applications

syngo Circulation in combination with a noninvasive Cardiac or Vascular CT angiogram is utilized for evaluating the presence or absence of atherosclerotic cardiac, coronary and vascular disease. Recent research indicates that Cardiac CT angiography has a 99% negative predictive value and a 92-95% positive predictive value in patients with low to intermediate pre-test probability of coronary artery disease, thus making it a very good diagnostic test to rule-out or rule-in the presence of atherosclerotic disease. syngo Circulation can be used for evaluating heart muscle and cardiac valves' anatomy and function. Coronary artery and vascular anatomy / anomalies e.g. anomalous origin of the coronary arteries, myocardial bridging can be easily and quickly evaluated. These might be difficult to visualize on traditional x-ray coronary angiography. The software package can also be used in cardiovascular evaluation pre- or post-cardiac or cardiothoracic surgery e.g. stent and bypass graft patency. The optional plaque analysis tool opens up new diagnostic horizons for atherosclerotic plaque morphology analysis, which may have potential to greatly enhance the capability to assess the vulnerability of atherosclerotic lesions and evaluate strategies to stabilize plaque and tailor patient-specific treatment.



Quantitative Coronary Evaluation (QCA)*

  • Accurate 1-click segmentation of the coronary artery tree
  • Single-click adding of vessel segments in all views including 3D volume-rendered images
  • Automatic orientation into standard catheter views
  • Quantitative coronary artery stenosis measurement with intuitive reporting function
  • Free-rotating curved multiplanar views (360°) with updated orthogonal view (IVUS-view) allowing for evaluation of concentric or eccentric lesions
  • Dedicated plaque analysis feature – an available option for plaque morphology and density characterization
  • Basic stent planning tool
  • Bookmark function to easily retrieve working steps making further reviews easy

Cardiac Function

  • Evaluation of functional parameters (End-Systolic volume, End-Diastolic volume, Ejection Fraction, Stroke volume and Cardiac Index)
  • Interactive scrolling through cardiac phases
  • Automatic left ventricular and blood pool segmentation
  • Cine display of cardiac phases for myocardial evaluation in both short and long axis views or 4D motion studies
  • Comprehensive myocardial and valvular analysis
  • Bookmark function to easily retrieve working steps making further reviews easy

*syngo Circulation Plaque Analysis is an available option


syngo Circulation

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