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Siemens Offerings
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ADVIA Centaur® XP System  ADVIA Centaur® CP System  IMMULITE® 1000 SystemIMMULITE® 2000/2000XPi SystemsDimension Vista® SystemsDimension®        EXL™ Family, Dimension® Rxl Max® and Xpand Plus Systems
AFPNon-seminomatous Testicular CancerXXXXX 
BRBreast CancerXX    
CA 15-31Breast CancerXXXXX 
CA 19-92Pancreatic CancerXXXXX 
CA 125II3Ovarian CancerXXXXX 
CEAPrimary, Breast, Colorectal, GI, Liver, Lung, Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancer*XXXXX 
Complexed PSAProstate CancerXX    
Free PSAProstate CancerXXAXXXX
PAPProstate Cancer  XX  
PSAProstate CancerXXXXXX
Serum HER-2/neuBreast CancerXX    
Third Generation PSA                    Prostate Cancer  XX  
TPSBladder, Breast, GI, Lung, Ovarian, and Prostate Cancer  X   



A. Under development. Not available for sale in the U.S.

B. Dimension Vista CEA is only approved for colorectal cancer. 

1. BR-MA on the IMMULITE Systems

2. GI-MA on the IMMULITE Systems

3. OM-MA on the IMMULITE Systems

Siemens Oncology assays are available across a wide range of systems, including the:

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