syngo DynaCT

syngo DynaCT
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syngo DynaCT enables CT-like cross-sectional imaging by creating 3D soft tissue data sets. syngo DynaCT can be performed directly in the angio suite without loss of time and additional risk to the patient. 

Ensure consistent results in cone-beam CT

In the past, different levels of expertise may sometimes have led to varying results when using cone-beam CT. In contrast, with the new 3D Wizard image-guided protocol selection, available on Artis with PURE®, syngo DynaCT is also accessible for occasional users. The 3D Wizard leads all users to consistent and high-quality results. It helps users select the correct protocol with a visual support of clinical images, offers all relevant information on delay, injection and patient positioning, and guides users through the acquisition, step by step. This supports standardized quality of care, regardless of who performs the procedure, from occasional to experienced users.

Improve patient outcome

syngo DynaCT can provide information not apparent in DSA. This additional information may result in changes in diagnosis, treatment planning, or treatment delivery. It supports sounder decision-making during the intervention – for example when employed to exclude non-target embolization during liver tumor embolization or to confirm device position within intracranial vessels. Where in the past it would have been necessary to transfer the patient into the CT unit, syngo DynaCT can be performed instead, directly in the angio suite without loss of time and with no additional risk to the patient.

Broaden the procedure scope of your angio lab

Dedicated syngo DynaCT applications allow users to extend the clinical capabilities of their angio lab. syngo DynaCT Micro, for instance, enables users to visualize the smallest details, bringing additional procedures such as arthrography, intra-cranial stent placement follow-up examinations, or validation of cochlear implant placement to the angio suite. Other dedicated applications that further expand the confidence and performance of syngo DynaCT include
syngo DynaCT SMART (Streak Metal Artifact Reduction Technique): This special technique, available for Artis with PURE®, substantially reduces metal artifacts, enabling sounder detection of bleeds even around small coil packages. syngo DynaCT 360 or syngo DynaCT Large Volume: Enable acquisition of images with an even larger volume, which can be very useful during liver embolization or needle procedures


syngo DynaCT also enables users to take on recently developed, innovative procedures – thus extending their clinical capabilities even further. For instance, in new embolization procedures such as prostate artery embolization for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, syngo DynaCT helps operators to clearly distinguish between target and non-target embolization sites. syngo DynaCT gives users the right tools to tackle exciting new prospects.

General Requirements


Minimum Software Version

syngo X Workplace: VA60C
syngo MMWP: 2006B
AXIOM Artis: VB22
Artis zee: VC12


DYNAVISION SW on Artis systems required
Only for detector systems 30cm x 40cm
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