syngo DynaCT SMART
Reduce metal artifacts to see the unseen

syngo DynaCT SMART
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Metal objects in the body, such as surgical clips or coils like those used in aneurysm therapy, cause massive radiation artifacts to occur in CT or CT-like imaging as delivered with syngo DynaCT. This makes it impossible to analyze the areas around such metal objects for diagnostic purposes. Thus, directly after implantation, important information that would help to determine whether complications such as hemorrhages have arisen in the vicinity of the metal object is withheld from the physician. In the worst case, the patient will leave the hospital only to return when complications actually do emerge.

The new algorithm called syngo DynaCT SMART reduces those streak artifacts caused by metal from the image and visualizes the regions in close vicinity of the metal in a diagnosable manner. The improved information content of the images reduces the probability of erroneous decisions and therefore the hospital readmission rate.

  • Reduce artifacts close to metallic devices
  • Increase diagnostic confidence and the chance for visualizing complications such as bleedings close to metallic objects


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