syngo Aortic Valve Guidance

syngo Aortic Valve Guidance
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  • Automated workflow and enhanced accuracy for aortic valve procedures
  • Automatic segmentation of aortic root, indication of anatomical landmarks, and optimal orthogonal view plane in less than 30 seconds
  • Automated selection of perpendicular view plane and transfer of angulation data for high precision during valve implantation
  • Image guidance by overlaying landmarks and 3D structures onto live fluoroscopy or acquisition

How TAVI procedures can be supported by syngo DynaCT Cardiac & syngo Aortic Valve Guidance

Step 1: syngo DynaCT Cardiac acquisition

syngo DynaCT Cardiac creates CT-like images of the aortic root and its surrounding structures right in the cath lab or hybrid OR based on a 5-second rotational angiography run with a maximum of 25 ml contrast agent. Selection of the appropriate valve can be based on aortic root diameter measurements combined with TEE.

Step 2: Automated segmentation and landmarking

After the syngo DynaCT Cardiac acquisition and 3D reconstruction the software automatically starts the segmentation of the aortic root. In just seconds the segmentation result is displayed including anatomical landmarks and “perpendicularity ring”.

Step 3: Planning and preparation of valve replacement

The volume-rendered aortic root with its marked coronaries provides a good understanding of the patient’s individual anatomy, which facilitates planning of the procedure. When the 3D volume is turned, the perpendicularity circle degenerates into a straight line if the three lowest cusp points are aligned. This corresponds to an optimal perpendicular angulation for valve implantation. No additional fluoroscopy is needed to find this projection as the C-arm angulation can automatically be synchronized with the 3D view.

Step 4: 3D overlay on live fluoroscopy

By simply activating syngo iPilot on the tableside touchscreen an overlay of the rendered 3D visualization onto fluoroscopic images is created. No additional registration steps are needed as both images are acquired on the same system. Switching to a contour view allows focusing on the essential information. The overlay dynamically adapts to C-arm rotations, zoom and table movements, thus the valve positioning and deployment can be guided very efficiently.

Step 5: Follow-up/Post deployment check

With syngo DynaCT Cardiac a follow-up 3D acquisition to check for correct valve position is possible while still in the cath lab/ hybrid OR right after the valve deployment.

General Requirements


Minimum Software Version

(one of following)
syngo X Workplace: VB20
syngo MMWP: 2011A
Artis zee: VC14


syngo iPilot enhanced functionality
syngo DynaCT Cardiac
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