syngo Angio package

High-Speed Review for real-time display of cardiac scenes

The software package consists of DSA Angio Viewer as well as High-Speed Review for real-time display of native and subtracted angiography images. Also postprocessing at the syngo Workplace is supported with functions such as:

  • Remasking
  • Pixelshift
  • Anatomic background
  • Opacification, etc.
  • Review of DYNAVISION and PERIVISION scenes

The high-speed functionality increases the image review frequency in the syngo Angio (DSA) viewer of the syngo Workplace for biplane and single-plane acquisitions, depending on the frame rate and the syngo Workplace hardware used.
With the current syngo Workplace hardware the following maximum image review frequencies of the scenes can be achieved:

  • Biplane (native):
  • 6 f/s with a 1024² matrix
  • 15 f/s with a 512² matrix
  • Monoplane (native):
  • 15 f/s with a 1024² matrix
  • 30 f/s with a 512² matrix


General Requirements


Minimum Software Version

syngo X Workplace: VA60C
syngo MMWP: VD30B


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