Interventional Oncology
Image-guided solutions for interventional oncology

Interventional Oncology
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The term interventional oncology describes a variety of minimally invasive, image-guided tumor therapies. The most widely practiced procedures fall into two categories: transcatheter therapies and ablative therapies.

Transcatheter therapies such as TACE and SIRT are catheter-based tumor treatments. Ablative therapies such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) generally involve the destruction of the lesion via a percutaneously placed needle.


Transarterial chemoembolization

"syngo DynaCT provides more clinical information for planning, guidance and therapy control during TACE ."

Dr. Bernhard Meyer, Charité Berlin, Germany

Imaging Support
TACE involves the embolization of the tumor feeding vessels with embolic particles. Our advanced applications provide excellent support during this transcather procedure. 

Image-guided solutions for TACE:

Excellent vessel visualization with syngo DynaCT
As an application that delivers soft tissue images directly in the interventional suite, syngo DynaCT is an excellent tool to visualize lesions for identifying tumor feeding vessels – and for monitoring procedure results. What’s more, syngo DynaCT practically eliminates the need to transfer patients to the CT suite.

Excellent procedure planning with syngo Embolization Guidance
syngo Embolization Guidance is a Siemens unique application for advanced embolization planning and guidance. By clearly highlighting a marked vessel as a graphical overlay in the live fluoroscopic image, it can greatly facilitate and speed up the embolization of the tumor feeding vessels.


Selective internal radiation therapy

"With its excellent image quality Large Volume syngo DynaCT enhances the identification of tumor feeding vessels or aberrant vessels, which leads to improved planning of embolizational procedures like SIRT."
Dr. T. Jakobs, University of Munich, Germany

Click to view the video statement of Dr. Jakobs about selective internal radiation therapy with Artis zeego.

Imaging Support
Performing SIRT involves carefully steering the catheter tip into the tumor feeding vessel. The procedure requires highly sophisticated image-guided technologies.

Siemens advanced applications provide an excellent support during this complex procedure:

Extended coverage with Large Volume syngo DynaCT
With images up to 47 cm in diameter, Large Volume syngo DynaCT, a unique feature with Artis zeego, offers additional coverage for planning interventions and identifying feeder vessels. The application is also a superb tool for monitoring interventional results as well as for total body check up.

Showing tumor activity in the interventional with syngo InSpace 3D/3D Fusion
With syngo InSpace 3D/3D Fusion, pre-acquired CT, MR or PET CT images can be fused with high-contrast 3D angiography or syngo DynaCT datasets to provide additional information on tumor activity and surrounding tissue – thus significantly enhancing procedure flow. What‘s more, additional diagnostic information can be overlayed on the live fluoroscopy to provide details on the tumor precisely where needed.


Radiofrequency ablation

"syngo iGuide increases my confidence during needle procedures. Besides, it speeds up the workflow."
Dr. David Lacey, Iowa Methodist Medical Center, USA

Imaging Support
RFA treatment requires accurate needle placement for successful tumor ablation. 3D guidance tools provide significant imaging support for needle navigation.


Image-guided solutions for RFA:

Integrated needle guidance with syngo iGuide
An excellent guidance application enabling needle navigation in the interventional suite in three easy steps -that’s syngo iGuide. Its intuitive workflow in combination with the integrated cross-hair laser light makes needle procedures easy and convenient.