Clinical Use of D-dimer

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Summary: Testing patients’ D-dimer levels is clinically useful in determining the presence of DVT/PE. The simple and non-invasive test can quickly help rule out abnormal or excess clotting. However, it’s important to understand not only the usefulness of the D-dimer assay, but also to understand its limitations. For example, additional considerations must be made when interpreting D-Dimer levels in elderly patients and in patients with high rheumatoid factor or bilirubin levels. Several factors can impact D-dimer tests results, and these factors must be duly noted and understood in order to efficiently utilize the D-dimer assay.


  • Professor Dr. Carl Erik Dempfle
    University Hospital, Manheim
  • Dr. Fred J.L.M. Haas
    St.Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein

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