ADVIA Centaur CP v. 6.0 software
New version 6.0 software makes the Siemens ADVIA Centaur® CP system faster, easier, and more dependable than ever!

New version 6.0 software can reduce time to first result by up to 2 minutes, further enhancing one of the highest throughput immunoassay analyzers on the market (up to 180 tests per hour). Exciting new patient reports and flexible QC options make the ADIVA Centaur CP system easier than ever to use. As one of the few bench-top immunoassay systems, the ADVIA Centaur CP system enables labs of any size to efficiently run high quality immunoassay testing in-house with the added benefit of new user-friendly innovative software.

Save Laboratorians’ effort with the new patient report options.
Patient printouts now include both the reagent and calibrator lot numbers with each result to improve traceability. Normal ranges are also shown, eliminating manual entry. Improved printouts make it easier to report patient results while reducing labor time.

Reduce the potential for errors with enhanced ancillary reagent identification.
Easy identification of onboard materials, through identification of ancillary reagents by name, reducing the time required to verify onboard inventory.

Minimize processing interruptions with new acid/base and solid waste tracking.
The System alerts operators whether there is sufficient acid, base, and solid waste capacity before a run begins, minimizing processing interruptions which impact test turnaround times.

Reduce the time to first result by two minutes with the optimized system startup protocol.
Faster results, enhance patient care. The new system startup protocol cuts approximately two minutes off time to first result, getting those critical results faster.

Be ready in an instant with proactive QC programming.
Increase productivity with the system always ready to produce results. Now run and store QC for multiple reagent packs simultaneously, even if one of the packs is not yet in use. Schedule QC when it is convenient for your laboratory staff. No delays in switching packs in the middle of a run.

Simplify QC entry and tracking with the new naming options.

The new quality control package only needs to have the lot number updated. The name stays the same to save time with the simplified data entry and new tracking functionality.

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