Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships Case Study: Zaans Medical Center gains competitive advantages after establishing a Value Partnership

Increasing competitiveness and boosting capacity

Zaans Medical Center, Netherlands

Zaans Medical Center (ZMC) entered into a 13-year Value Partnership to have access to innovative technology, optimize clinical operations, reduce costs and decrease operational complexity. Furthermore, they want to develop the staff’s skill set periodically. The enduring partnership with Siemens Healthineers supports ZMC in meeting their long-term objectives by including a wide range of solution offerings e.g., co-design of the new hospital building including lean workflows, an extended training program, and on-site operational management.

Value Contribution

100% Achievement of committed uptime for technology

-$150K decrease

In annual spending due to a profitable annual pricing fee 

+ 25% increase of CTs/month

Based on the insights from the utilization management 



Increase efficiency

Realize holistic workflow improvements and optimize care

Improve profitability

Take suitable measures to cope with the intensive cost pressure in healthcare 

Extend clinical capabilities

Empower clinicians to deliver excellent patient care by providing latest technology

  • 13-year Value Partnership: Provision of state-of-the-art medical technology as well as maintenance services, upgrades, replacements, and onsite operational management
  • Optimization of clinical operations through codesign of the new hospital building, implementation of a tailored education program, and a contractual basis for financing the new building
  • Introduction of IT process to improve process management (incl. technology utilization and dose monitoring) as well as Consulting & Transformation to improve patient throughput

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