Read how the Kantonsspital Baden created an efficient and healing environment to enhance patient and staff satisfaction.

Innovative and long-term partnership supports sustainable high-quality care provisionKantonsspital Baden (KSB), Switzerland

Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) is the most important health care hub of the East Aargau region of Switzerland. The 400-bed hospital and the several satellite locations offer approximately 350,000 area residents great access to safe, cutting-edge healthcare close to home. To be able to offer high-quality medical care, it employs more than 2,000 staff members. Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) benefits from a 8-year Value Partnership. The partnership enables the hospital to continouly improve patient care with innovative technology, efficient operational processes and Switzerland's first Innovation Think Tank. With the opening of their new Agnes Hospital, Kantonsspital Baden provides patients and staff alike with the experience of working and being diagnosed in a pleasant and healthy environment.

Latest Insights 

Case Study Radiology of the Future Breast Cancer Pathway

Value-based breast cancer pathway

Discover the multifaceted impact of radiology on patient health outcomes through real-life examples from the breast cancer pathway at Kantonsspital Baden.

Whitepaper Wallpaper

Patient experience project

Learn how to enhance patient experience in radiology using Kantonsspital Baden's best-practice example, addressing all five levels of patient satisfaction through improved Flow Design, Service Design, and Facility Design.

Radiology of the future - Issue 1: Holistic approach to radiology of the future

The future of radiology

Gain insights into defining trends in radiology through practical examples of implementation that provide insights into both future developments and their implementation. 

Designing and planning a future-proof imaging center

A future-proof imaging center 

Learn about a human-centered approach to improve patient experience, increase staff satisfaction, and optimize workflow efficiency.

The Kantonsspital Baden was projected with a pink ribbon to show solidarity with breast cancer patients

Explore the increasing prevalence of breast cancer, accounting for 13% of all new cancer cases and nearly 30% of all new cases in women, with Prof. Dr. Cornelia Leo, Head of the Interdisciplinary Breast Center at Kantonsspital Baden (KSB), Switzerland. Dive into the perspectives of breast cancer therapy and its current treatment at Kantonsspital Baden, gaining first-hand insights into this critical health issue. 

Partnering to create long-term value 

Hear from Mr. Schmitter, CEO, and Prof. Kubik, Head of Radiology, how our Value Partnership is transforming care delivery at KSB through high-end imaging technology, artifical intelligence and innovation co-creation.   

Designing and planning a future-oriented imaging center 

A collaboration intended to ensure optimized workflows and provide patients and staff alike with the experience of working and being diagnosed in a pleasant and healthy working environment. 

Adrian Schmitter, CEO of Kantonsspital Baden

Value Contribution

Support for expansion

Of research activities in different fields like mammography

Provide high-quality diagnostics

At a process-oriented, patient-centric imaging center

First swiss innovation Think Tank

To identify and implement new business opportunities

10% lower turnkey investment

Compared with conventional solutions

More than $12 M Capital freed up

For urgently needed investments due to embedded financing solution

+ 1,000 additional operating hours per year

Through higher utilization rates



Expand clinical capabilities

Advancing level of innovations in imaging systems to strive for highest efficiency

Improve patient experience

Providing consistently high imaging diagnostic quality and a superior patient experience

Further increase competitiveness

Expanding the hospital´s leading strategy in transforming care delivery

  • 8-year Value Partnership to improve patient care with innovative technology and efficient operational processes
  • Procurement and maintenance of medical imaging systems, holistic Technology Management, onsite management, telemedicine expansion, technology and needs assessments, process optimization, and certified staff training programs
  • Active support in relocating and commissioning all technology to the new hospital building, scheduled for start in late 2023
  • Continuous staff education to enable a highly qualified and satisfied workforce

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