Read how the Kantonsspital Baden created an efficient and healing environment to enhance patient and staff satisfaction.

Designing and planning a future-proof imaging center at

Imaging Center of Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland

Kantonsspital Baden (KSB), Switzerland, is constructing a new hospital that’s expected to start operations in 2023. This new 400-bed building is designed to meet the most modern architectural requirements. The hospital approached the Siemens Healthineers team for professional input on the planned layout of the imaging center. This collaboration was intended to ensure optimized workflows and provide patients and staff alike with the experience of working and being diagnosed in a pleasant and healthy working environment.

Value Contribution

Intelligent facility design and planning

Of an efficient imaging center

Benefits for patients

Through process optimization and an improved healing environment

Improved staff satisfaction

In a customized imaging center



Increase process efficiency

Manage imaging processes more efficiently based on an optimized radiology layout 

Improve patient experience

Create a healing imaging center by meeting the most modern architectural requirements

Enhance staff satisfaction

Create an optimal working environment based on staff’s needs and wants

  • Interdisciplinary team of consultants, architects, and medical planners from Siemens Healthineers interviewed staff and observed the process to understand the needs of all stakeholders
  • Previous layout plans were reviewed, and potential bottlenecks and optimization opportunities identified
  • In close collaboration with the KSB clinical team and iterative refinement, a new process-oriented and patient-centered design for the imaging center was proposed, discussed, and is being implemented 

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