Computed Tomography

Auto-contouring of CT images enables precise radiation therapy delivery.
Organs at Risk Auto contouring for radiotherapy treatment planning
Courtesy of Leopoldina Krankenhaus der Stadt Schweinfurt GmbH, Germany

Computed tomography is a further development of X-ray technology. The CT scanner “slices” the body into thin sections. Read more about the history and functionality of this indispensable imaging method.

Algorithms for automated standard contouring

Thanks to AI-based algorithms, risk organs can be automatically contoured faster and more precisely. This can also help radiation oncologists decide the best treatment strategy and use of resources, especially important during this COVID-19 crisis.

Simplifying Even Complex CT Procedures with Intelligent Imaging

Precision, quality, and speed have made the radiology unit of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Spain, a national benchmark. To keep it that way, it has implemented new, personalized scanning methods.

A Gentleman’s Crazy Idea

Modern CT scanners still operate according to the basic principle invented by Godfrey Hounsfield – but they are worlds apart from the early devices in terms of technology.