syngo.CT PE CAD1

syngo.CT PE CAD1
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  • Assists in the evaluation of triple rule-out examinations by automatically detecting pulmonary lesions indicative of emboli with a high sensitivity and low false positive rate2
  • Auto preprocessing delivers CAD marks for a fast and efficient review workflow
  • The overview layout helps to verify detected lesions as pulmonary emboli
  • Confirmed findings are automatically stored in the Findings Navigator for further quantitative evaluation and reporting
  • Easy to toggle CAD marks on and off for an unobstructed view of lesions
  • Automatic lesion zoom view for an expanded and centered view of finding



  • The detection performance of the PE CAD software device is optimized for lobar, segmental, or subsegmental pulmonary emboli >3 mm in size
  • CAD marks can be turned on with one click of the „Show/Hide CAD Marks“ button
  • Enhanced visualization tools for proficient CAD reading
  • Detects pulmonary emboli on digital radiographic images from CT systems

CT Chest Pain + PE CAD workflow1

  • Provides an efficient method for reading CT pulmonary angiograms (CTPA) and for evaluating triple-rule out scans with the CT Vascular and CT Coronary tasks 3
  • CAD results and tools are available for easy navigation and enhanced viewing
  • As soon as a dataset is mapped to the workflow "CT Chest Pain + PE CAD"1, the system initiates the search for lesions

syngo.CT PE CAD is available as an add-on option for the CT Acute Care and CT Cardio-Vascular Engines

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Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.


Recommended as bundle with

syngo.CT Coronary Analysis

syngo.CT Vascular Analysis.

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1Not commercially available in the U.S.

2Blackmon et al., European Radiology, January 2011

3The applications syngo.CT Coronary Analysis and syngo.CT Vascular Analysis are optional and highly recommended