Terapia guiada por CT
Driving progress with CT-guided therapy.

Terapia guiada por CT

What top innovation will you get?

Enhance your clinical capabilities with CT-guided image therapy in hybrid suites.

  • CT image guidance in minimally-invasive therapy
    Sliding gantry CT scanners are playing an increasing role in hybrid ORs. Their versatility allows them to be utilized for a variety of minimally-invasive interventions as well as more invasive surgeries. A two-room configuration makes efficient use of a single CT that can be moved between a CT intervention room and an angio-surgical suite – which allows for high utilization of the CT scanner. You can save space with a sliding gantry in a single room that combines an angio and CT system.


Hospital administrators are facing increasing cost pressures. This is where interventional radiologists using our Miyabi Angio-CT hybrid suite come into play.

  • The Miyabi Angio-CT may increase patient capacity without a larger footprint or more training. This is because this hybrid suite shows the potential to make routine cases easier and complex cases possible. The Miyabi Angio-CT suite requires little training because interventional radiologists know how to use CT and angio systems separately.
  • More and more, patients can be treated with minimally invasive procedures with Miyabi Angio-CT suite on an outpatient basis, rather than being scheduled for more costly and invasive inpatient procedures.
  • Improved targeting through better image guidance in a minimally invasive approach with Miyabi Angio-CT suite potentially decreases complication rates, shortens hospital stays, and minimizes re-admissions.

Not surprisingly, interventional radiologists are excited. They are using Miyabi Angio-CT hybrid systems for biopsies, drainages, and ablations, but in particular for guiding the treatment of liver cancer with transaortic chemo embolization (TACE) and percutaneous radio frequency ablation (RFA).

The system can be flexibly configured. A floor-mounted sliding gantry CT (SOMATOM Emotion, SOMATOM Definition AS, or Edge) can be elegantly combined with a floor- or ceiling-mounted angiography system (Artis zee, Q, or zeego).
When combined in a single room, they make efficient use of costly space. Both the CT and angiography system can be moved into and out of position when needed, providing imaging on demand – while the patient remains on the same table.

  • CT image-guided radio therapy
    The use of CT simulators in radiation oncology can be expanded to increase patient throughput and operation efficiency.
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  • Intra-operative CT in neurosurgery
    An intra-operative sliding gantry CT offers neurosurgeons higher accuracy and can spare the patient from complications and the potential for costly additional interventions.
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  • CT image guidance in trauma surgery
    A dual operation room with a SOMATOM Definition Edge sliding gantry CT with Adaptive 3D Intervention Suite and Artis zeego angio system can make the most of the “golden hour” in trauma cases.
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What else is new for you?

CT-image guided therapy in hybrid suites

  • 2D CT-guided intervention
    For less complex cases like CT-guided spinal injections, 2D CT guidance offered with the Advanced Intervention Package is the right choice. It typically delivers three axial images in near real-time over the dataset. It supports sequential and spiral modes with quick switching between the two for an improved overview and navigation in the dataset.
    CT fluoroscopy offered with CARE Vision, you can stay at the table and don’t need to leave the room between scans. With CT fluoro, you can scan continuously, view images in near real time, and hit your target in the first round. HandCARE reduces dose to the clinician by switching off the X-ray tube in the proximity of the hands.
    Offered with the SOMATOM Emotion and Perspective.
  • 3D CT-guided intervention with the Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite
    Interventions with complex anatomies (for example, lung biopsies, liver ablation, and spinal surgery) are best visualized with 3D CT guidance offered with the Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite. It allows you to work freely within a 3D volume-rendered spiral or sequential CT dataset. Full wireless control over table movement and software functions is offered directly at table-side with i-Control.
    Working in near real-time, 3D offers many advantages: You can see the entire organ using a VRT and view the lesion with sagittal, coronal, and axial MPRs. Always stay on track with our smart automatic needle-detection algorithms and path-planning tools. They automatically select the optimal needle viewing plane, select the optimal entry point for you, and determine the angle of needle insertion. This 3D capability allows for fast and accurate positioning in the most complex anatomies, even at difficult oblique angles.
    Offered with the entire SOMATOM Definition family.

Main features

  • i-Control: Full in-room control at the table side over table movement and scanner software
  • 3D CT guidance: Precise positioning even in the most complex anatomies with the Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite
  • 2D CT guidance: The ideal complement for biopsies drainages and spinal injections

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