Angiography Accessories

Find here partner products for cath labs, IR suites and hybrid operating rooms to improve your imaging performance and increase efficiency.

RaySafe i3 Dose Monitoring System by Unfors

The RaySafe i3 package provides operators with personal, real-time information about scattered X-ray dose, thereby enabling continuous improvement of working procedures in X-ray environments.

Article numbers: 11362996 (RaySafe i3 Package 868,3 MHz), 11362997 (RaySafe i3 Package 918,3 MHz)


The high-resolution imaging of HDi™ HD IVUS provides good stent deployment and reduced procedure time. The ACIST HDi® HD IVUS system takes IVUS to the next level with high-definition 60 MHz IVUS imaging, touch panel interface and superfast pullback.

Article number: 11362980

OR Head Holder by NORAS

LUCY is an innovative neurosurgery solution that combines the functions of a head holder for secure fixation of the skull during interventions and an MR coil for intra-operative imaging.
The head holder is compatible with the established 8-Channel NORAS Head Coil setup. Besides tumor resections, „deep brain stimulations” (DBS) and minimally invasive pituitary surgery, the system also supports awake craniotomies.

Article number: 11363268, 11363267

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