Artis zeego ecoThe future is flexible

As part of the Artis zee family of interventional imaging systems, Artis zeego is the first multi-axis system that can be positioned the way you want. What‘s more, it can be controlled with far greater ease and precision than a traditional floor- or ceiling-mounted system.

Artis zeego is built on three pillars:  

  • Imaging Excellence - Artis zeego's has the ability to provide large volume, cross-sectional syngo DynaCT 360 visualizations in a single 6-second sweep.
  • Enhanced Workflow - Artis zeego meets the challenge by enabling your clinical team to work with greater ease and comfort.
  • Investment Confidence - Perform pre- and post operative high-end imaging directly in the OR.

Características y Beneficios

Our dose saving initiative with CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) and CLEAR not only reduces radiation dose for patients and staff but also provides IQ at an outstanding level.


The CARE program combines a variety of cutting-edge radiation protection functions designed to reduce radiation dosage for the patient and the operator. For the hospital, the new CARE package also makes dose reporting easy and structured.

CARE Benefits

  • Reduces patient and operator dose to a minimum
  • Provides dose monitoring during the procedure
  • Makes dose reporting easy and structured
  • Standard with every Artis zee system


When looking at clinical images during interventions, one issue is of utmost importance to every physician: to obtain clear images that support making the right decision for the patient.

CLEAR Benefits

  • Achieves optimized patient image acquisition
  • Applies comprehensive image processing
  • Customizes the image display to preferences
  • The CLEAR package is standard with every Artis zee system


To extend the reach of these benefits with CARE and CLEAR to all hospitals, we are making a commitment to dose reduction by providing the dose-saving innovations of CARE and the image quality improvement of CLEAR at no additional costs to all installed Artis zee systems worldwide.

Artis zeego

As demand for interventional procedures increases, so does the need for more efficient performance. Artis zeego meets the challenge by enabling your clinical team to work with greater ease and comfort.
In surgical disciplines situations may arise where the clinical team must quickly shift from an endovascular procedure to open surgery. A hybrid room eliminates the need to transfer the patient to the OR and increases workflow efficiency and patient care.

Positioning flexibility.

Artis zeego’s multiple axis provide exceptional floor-mounted positioning flexibility, enabling more angulations, complete head-to-toe coverage, and multiple work positions. Its excellent ergonomics allow you to work more comfortably and efficiently. The intelligent collision protection function allows the operator to maneuver it confidently around the patient.

Better for your back.

Artis zeego’s unique variable isocenter allows to adjust the working height of the system which helps reduce the fatigue associated with performing long procedures. In short, Artis zeego allows clinicians to work with greater comfort and precision.

Artis zeego can be parked in a variety of compact positions to make the most of the limited space available in the interventional suite and OR environments. Its smaller C-arm enables access to both the patient’s left and right sides, it allows better access to the body with less interference with anesthesia than conventional systems and it affords better access to the head during neuro procedures than conventional ceiling-mounted systems. Since Artis zeego is floor-mounted, it easily meets laminar flow and other sterility requirements, especially OR hygiene requirements.

Artis zeego

Artis zeego features SafeMove, an intelligent collision protection function that allows operators to maneuver the system around the patient with confidence. SafeMove controls 18 proximity switches and cover elements to provide excellent collision protection. Two independent software surveillance systems ensure the safe control of system speed, acceleration, axle movements and positions within room limitations. System movement speed is also reduced while operating elements are being actuated.

Artis zee slimline full tableside control panel

Artis zee features configurable, intuitive syngo icons which are easy to use. The complete system can be controlled from the table-side with the ergonomical designed touch screen and the mouse like joystick. The mouse-like control is easier to operate, and with its modular design, can be flexibly positioned to maximize operator comfort. The slimline control module allows the operator to get closer to the table and allows easier patient access. 

3D menu workflow

The new menu-driven workflow enables faster acquisition and display of 3D images. To improve efficiency, the system automatically moves into the start position, eliminating the time-consuming need for the operator to select the position manually. High-contrast 3D results are available in real time, soft tissue results in less than a minute.

zee more, do more with the Artis zee Large Display

With the Artis zee Large Display, Siemens features a full-color 56-inch medical-grade screen that lets you view multiple inputs simultaneously and provides over 200 layout configurations. Up to 12 different screen combinations can be directly selected at tableside and the image of clinical focus can be zoomed up to twice the size of a standard display. The Artis zee Large Display gives you the whole picture.

Integrated OR table - with head-down/ head-up, and lateral tilt

The specially designed tilting table with radio lucent table top and head-down, head-up, and lateral tilting capabilities is completely integrated in the system design. It provides full collision protection and can be integrated in the predefined system positions. The table can be rotated for additional patient access.


OR specific Accessories

Artis zee supports OR specific accessories, including heated mattresses and anesthesia curtain holders. The table support rails accommodate arm supports, head holders, anesthesia equipment, infusion bottle holders, trays, and other surgical equipment.


  • Artis zeego offers high-end applications for surgery through 3D imaging, high framerates and excellent image quality at low dose.
  • Artis zeego’s flexibility allow to have more work space and better patient access and enable effective cleaning after each procedure to make the room available to the next patient faster
  • Artis zeego eliminates the need to transfer patients to the OR. Pre- and post-operative imaging can be performed directly in the hybrid room, avoiding costly complications and reducing risky and expensive transfers to the angio and CT suites free for diagnostic use
  • Since Artis zeego is floor-mounted, it easily meets laminar flow and other aseptic OR requirements
  • Position your hospital as a luminary site in the community by enabling the treatment of patients with new less invasive hybrid procedures that are saving money by reducing complications, ICU and hospital stay

During interventional radiology procedures, imaging systems play an increasingly important role in providing critical support. With the development of digital solutions, there is a greater need for seamless workflows – and for high operational security. Our proactive service solutions help increase system availability, reliability and workflow efficiency. We also offer hands-on training, workshops and continuing education courses. 

Siemens Performance Plans – tailored to your specific needs
Service and maintenance are crucial for preventing unscheduled downtimes and thus, improving workflow. Our Siemens Performance Plans help you run your operations more smoothly – with predictable costs, less risk and greater efficiency. Individual needs call for individual service agreements. At Siemens, you can choose between a TOP, PLUS or PRO Performance Plan agreement as well as optional modules. You thus receive a solution with substantial benefits that best fits your requirements. 

A partner at your side
As a proactive service provider, Siemens UPTIME Services offers real-time remote monitoring and preventive maintenance of your Artis zeego hardware and software components. The Siemens Guardian ProgramTM provides continuous real-time remote Artis zeego system monitoring on an ongoing basis for possible deviations from defined parameters. It thus ensures a high level of system availability by detecting and resolving errors before malfunctions occur. 

Capitalize on a new dimension in system support
All of our proactive services are powered by Siemens Remote Service, the efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for the complete spectrum of medical equipment-related remote services. Services that formerly required on-site visits are now available via data transfer, including error identification and immediate remote repair.