Tabletas de Reactivo Ictotest de Siemens
El nombre que le da confianza por sus resultados de bilirrubina en orina a tiempo y precisos

Tabletas de Reactivo Ictotest de Siemens

Why is a confirmatory test necessary for urinary bilirubin? To date, there is no quantitative urine bilirubin test method on the market. The only way to rule out urine-strip false-positive bilirubin results is with a confirmatory assay such as Ictotest tablets. The alternative is for the healthcare professional to order a blood test for bilirubin, which adds cost and time to the confirmation process.

Use of Ictotest tablets require a pipette and distilled water, in addition to the absorbent mats and reagent tablets provided with the Ictotest kit. The procedure is easy to perform and gives reliable answers when a fresh urine specimen is used and the tablets are properly stored.

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