Recursos para Móviles
Point of Care Resources at Your Fingertips

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics recognizes that physicians and clinicians treating patients at the point of care can benefit greatly from easy access to materials and resources via their handheld devices. We are committed to developing new mobile applications and to transforming our library of reference materials to meet that need. The following materials are available free of charge and are subject to Siemens’ Terms of Use.


Download instructions: Select the respective resource hyperlink to initiate the download process. Complete the registration information including the e-mail address where the download link should be sent. Select the link from your smart phone or tablet to download the e-book or app. Launch the e-book using the e-book reader from your smart phone or tablet.

e-book – RAPID Analysis – Blood Gases and More

Comprehensive reference manual on blood gas testing. This 135 page e-pub file reviews the history of blood gas testing, pre-exam considerations, acid base metabolism, electrolytes and metabolites.

Please note: Siemens e-books are produced using the Open Publication Structure e-book Format (EPUB) and can be read using standard e-book readers installed on most mobile devices.

blood gas app – ABG Guide

Use this interactive tool on your iPhone or iPad to identify normal and abnormal ranges for pH, arterial blood gas, electrolyte, and analyte results. Detail screens summarize the clinical significance and possible underlying causes of specified result values for 18 parameters.

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