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syngo.plaza is the agile PACS and reading software, where 2D, 3D, and 4D reading come together in one place.

Personalized layouts

Personalized layouts help to speed up analysis by quickly putting all information, tools and images at your fingertips – in your preferred arrangement.

Token View

Token View displays all series within the loaded data sets, and enables fast and efficient navigation. Its well-defined icons provide orientation within the data set, helping you read more efficiently and enabling you to focus on the images.

Findings Navigator

The Findings Navigator automatically tracks and lists all findings and measurements. While you concentrate on the images, your  findings are collected in a single location for easy access – saving you valuable time when reviewing the case.

Cross Reference

Cross Reference provides excellent orientation guidance for reading CT and MRI studies. It helps to triangulate physiology across multiple orthogonal views.

Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)

syngo.plaza offers extended functionality for displaying and processing DICOM XA images, broadening the range of PACS functions.

Workflow support for mammography

syngo.plaza features reporting functionality that supports mammography reading – allowing you to display MG/CR/DR/DX images and create specific workflow steps.

The great speed of syngo.plaza helps to enhance efficiency

Dr. Joseph Fairbrother (Corp. Chief of Diagnostic Imaging & Medical Director William Osler Health System) on syngo.plaza

Drawing on Siemens Healthcare IT expertise, syngo.plaza provides a wide range of applications and tools to support fast and efficient reading. High-throughput reading speeds up your workflow, and an easy-to-manage IT environment helps save resources and effort.


syngo.plaza grows with your clinical needs to let you expand when you are ready with more flexibility, more efficiency and better long-term lifecycle management. You choose the options you need for the outcomes you want.


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