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Laboratorio Clínico de Siemens
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The entire team at Siemens Clinical Laboratory (SCL) is dedicated to quality and safety as we understand that these are key components of our partners’ and customers’ success.


SCL operates in accordance with the highest levels of quality and community ethics and is in compliance with all applicable governing laws, including but not limited to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) through the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The SCL Compliance Plan was developed under the guidance of state and federal authorities.

SCL’s Medical Director, Patrick Joseph, MD, is a Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America, a Fellow of the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists of America, a practicing physician, a lead inspector for CAP accreditation, and has been a licensed medical director of clinical laboratories (all states) for almost 20 years.

License/Accreditation & Regulatory Certification Reference & ID Numbers



College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Lap Number: 6855801

AU-ID: 1112884

Medical Director - William P. Joseph, M.D.


NY State Certificate of Qualification





Clinical Chemistry, Diagnostic Immunology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Transplant Monitoring, Virology, CQ Code: JOSEW1

Continuing Education

Clinical Laboratory Science, LFS Registration Number: 0152

State Certification



Clinical Laboratory License, Lab ID Number: CLF 00010781

West Virginia

Certificate of Approval To Perform HIV / AIDS-Related Testing

Rhode Island

Clinical Laboratory Certification, Approved Specialty  - MICROBIOLOGY, Virology, License Number: LCO00477


Clinical Laboratory Permit, Authorized Categories: Virology, Laboratory Identification Number: 023005A

New York

Clinical Laboratory Permit - Virology, Comprehensive (limited to molecular techniques), PFI: 4995


Medical Laboratory Permit - Molecular Biology, Number 733, Control 45847


Clinical Laboratory Authorization: Virology, Certificate #92863

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