Get further. With True Dual Energy.
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Get further. With True Dual Energy.

Siemens Healthineers' Single Source and Dual Source Dual Energy techniques impress radiologists with their easy-to-use scan protocols, their suitability for daily clinical routine, their range of applications, and their scientific validation (more than 200 scientific publications).

syngo.CT DE Brain Hemorrhage1

Differentiate hemorrhage from iodine-uptaking bleedings and lesions
The Dual Energy application syngo.CT DE Brain Hemorrhage assists you in visualizing iodine concentration and distribution in the brain. Lesions and bleedings may show significant iodine uptake in the image, while inactive hemorrhages are not enhanced.

syngo.CT DE Gout1

Accurate and non-invasive diagnosis of gout
The diagnosis of gout is not always simple – for example, in acute cases where an aspiration cannot be performed. Nor is the uric acid concentration in the blood always a reliable indicator. syngo.CT DE Gout overcomes these limitations by quickly, noninvasively, and accurately visualizing uric acid crystals. This spares your patient a painful and stressful examination.

syngo.CT DE Heart PBV1

Reveal perfusion defects with only one scan
With syngo.CT DE Heart PBV, you can visualize the iodine concentration and distribution in the myocardium to reveal perfusion defects. In addition, you can use a virtual non-contrast display to identify myocardial edema. The simultaneous acquisition of high- and low-kV datasets diminishes the problem of misregistration due to cardiac motion.

syngo.CT DE Calculi Characterization1

Characterization of kidney stones
Kidney stones contain varying amounts of heavy atoms (for example, uric acid stones versus calcified stones). Dual Energy CT can be used to perform a differentiation of these materials. With syngo.CT DE Calculi Characterization, you can visualize these chemical differences in kidney stones and use the information for your therapy decision.

syngo.CT DE Direct Angio1

Accurate bone removal even in complex body regions
With syngo.CT DE Direct Angio, you can overcome the limitations of conventional bone removal software. The Dual Energy approach reliably isolates even complex vasculature, for example, at the base of the skull where CTAs are difficult to interpret.

syngo.CT DE Virtual Unenhanced1

Quantify lesions with two scans in one
syngo.CT DE Virtual Unenhanced assists you in visualizing the contrast agent concentration in the liver. The basis for this approach is a material decomposition into iodine contrast agent, fat, and liver tissue. You can also create virtual non-contrast information using the Dual Energy information from fat and liver material. You can switch between these two representations of the anatomical information without the need for an additional non-contrast scan.

syngo.CT DE Lung Analysis1

Assessment of perfusion defects and affected vessels at a glance
Perfusion defects in the lung are often caused by pulmonary embolism. The application syngo.CT DE Lung Analysis enables the color-coding of vessels that are affected, for example, by pulmonary emboli. It also allows a fast evaluation of lung perfusion defects at a glance without requiring an additional non-contrast scan.

Monoenergetic imaging1

Customize your image impression – reducing metal artifacts
Metal artifacts disturb your diagnostic image quality and your therapy planning. With syngo.CT Dual Energy’s Monoenergetic images, you can reduce metal artifacts to get the results you need by selecting the energy level with the best contrast-to-noise ratio and a minimum of metal artifacts.

syngo.CT DE Monoenergetic Plus1

Maximize image quality with new algorithm
Allows users to display monoenergetic images for a range of 40–190 keV. By displaying multiple monoenergetic ROIs and the associated absorption curves, Monoenergetic Plus lets users easily compare and quantify lesions and tissues. The ability to export statistical information into the file system for further evaluation is very beneficial for various research and diagnostic tasks.

Our new video presented by Prof. Wichmann and his team from the University Hospital Frankfurt shows the clinical value of Dual Energy by using Monoenergetic Plus images. The video explains how Rapid Results speeds up your post-processing workflow with our Zero Click Solution.

syngo.CT DE Rho/Z1

Characterizing different materials
The attanuation of X-ray, next to others, depends on the electron density and the effective atomic number. Both parameters are characteristic for different materials. With syngo.CT DE Rho/Z you have access to electron density and effective Z maps in one examination.

syngo.CT DE Bone Marrow1

Evaluation of the bone marrow
Bone marrow can be affected by various pathologies, such as bone bruises after trauma and diffuse tumor infiltrations.
syngo.CT DE Bone Marrow allows for the segmentation and visualization (color-coding) of the bone marrow based on a material decomposition into bone marrow and calcium.

syngo.CT DE Hardplaque Display1

Differentiate calcified plaques from iodine contrast
syngo.CT DE Harplaque Display enables the identification (color-coding) and automatic removal of calcifications from a Dual Energy CTA image. By therefore differentiating between hard plaques and contrast agent this Dual Energy application helps to display the true vessel lumen without interfering hard plaques.

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