CT Imaging of Insulinomas – Biphasic or Dynamic?

Juan Li, MM; Kai Xu, MB; Liang Zhu, MD; Hua-dan Xue, MD; and Zheng Yu Jin, MD
Department of Radiology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, P.R. China
 |  03-06-2019

A 64-year-old female patient, suffering from frequent hypoglycemic attacks, went to a local hospital for a checkup. Clinical and laboratory tests revealed endogenous hyper-insulinemic hypoglycemia. An insulinoma was suspected. A routine abdominal contrast CT was performed, however no tumor was seen. Subsequently, the patient was referred to our institution and a Dynamic CT, covering the liver and the entire pancreas, was performed. The CT data were then used to create different temporal phases and functional parameter maps.

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