Terapia guiada por CT
Driving progress with CT-guided therapy.

Terapia guiada por CT

2D CT-guided solutions offered with the SOMATOM Emotion and SOMATOM Perspective

The Basic Intervention package

  • Suited for non-fluoroscopic guidance
  • Biopsy mode based on sequential or spiral scans modes
  • Quick switching between scan mode
  • Control at the table side with joy stick (or i-Control for SOMATOM Perspective)
  • Image guidance facilitated by displaying 3 slices simultaneously
  • In-room monitors available in various options e.g. on a cart or ceiling-mounted

The Advanced Intervention package

  • CT fluoroscopy with CARE Vision allowing for imageguidance in near real-time
  • HandCARE™ avoids direct radiation of the clinician’s hand during the intervention by switching off the X-ray exposure for a 100° angle between three possible user positions (10:00, 12:00 and 2:00 o’clock)
  • Continuous patient dose monitoring during procedures


2D & 3D CT-guided solutions offered with the SOMATOM Definition family and with SOMATOM Force

The Adaptive 3D Intervention Suite

  • Premium solution for 2D & 3D CT-guided interventions that demand precision and speed
  • i-Control offers full control of software functionality and table movement at the table side (wired or wireless)
  • Full 2D guidance capability
  • 3D volume-based interventions
    – Work freely in all dimensions
    – near real-time reconstructed MPR images
    – MPRs in coronal, sagittal, and oblique planes
  • CT fluoroscopy, sequential, and spiral scan modes
  • Quickly switch between i-Sequence, i-Spiral, and i-Fluoro modes
  • i-Fluoro CT Fluoroscopy displayed in real-time with up to 10 frames/s
  • Interventional 3D toolbar available supporting smart algorithms from syngo® 3D tools:
    – Automated Path Planning by selecting target and entry points
    – Auto Needle Detection
    – Switching between patient-oriented view and needle oriented view
    – i-NeedleSharp to avoid needle artifacts (available for sequential scans on scanners offering gantry tilt)
  • level of intuitive control at the table side is unprecedented in the market place today

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