syngo DynaCT

syngo DynaCT

How does syngo DynaCT work?

syngo DynaCT utilizes images acquired from a special rotational angiography run to reconstruct cross-sectional soft tissue information. Image acquisition is achieved in 5-20 seconds, depending on the protocol used. In that time the C-arm covers an angle of at least 200° and acquires the needed projection images for reconstruction. These images are automatically sent and reconstructed on a syngo X Workplace and available for assessment in the interventional suite.

What does “soft tissue information” mean?

Before the introduction of syngo DynaCT, 3D angiography enabled the visualization of high-contrast objects such as stents, clips, bones and contrast-filled vessels during interventional procedures. With syngo DynaCT, it is possible to achieve a higher level of tissue differentiation in the reconstructed images, enabling the visualization of objects with lower Hounsfield Units (HU) values.

With syngo DynaCT we can visualize objects of 5 HU and 10 mm in size or 10 HU and 5 mm in size*. This enables visualization of lower contrast objects such as larger hemorrhages and tumors.
* as measured using a 16-cm CATPHAN phantom

What is the FOV (field of view)?
syngo DynaCT datasets acquired with a ceiling, floor or biplane stands provide a volume of 18.5 cm height with a diameter of 24 cm.
The Artis zeego enables in addition larger volume acquisitions such as syngo DynaCT Large Volume and syngo DynaCT 360, which result in a volume of 18 cm height with a 47 cm diameter, or 24 cm height with a 35 cm diameter.

If desired, it is also possible to acquire a smaller volume using collimation* in order to reduce dose and increase image quality.
*collimation on the longitudinal access.

What is the spatial resolution of syngo DynaCT and what slice thickness can be reconstructed?
The slice thickness that can be reconstructed depends on the volume of interest and the voxel size. The standard slice thickness is about 0.5 mm and there are additional reconstruction options that allow creation of lower slice thickness. The spatial resolution achieved with syngo DynaCT is about 0.22 mm. In addition, with syngo DynaCT Micro, a special protocol is available that provides high resolution 3D imaging, boosting the level of detail by using each detector pixel. With syngo DynaCT Micro an even higher spatial resolution of about 0.14 mm can be achieved.

Does syngo DynaCT offer a dedicated body protocol?

Yes, syngo DynaCT offers a dedicated body protocol, about 400 projections are acquired in less than 6 seconds*. Due to its fast rotation this protocol reduces motion artefacts providing excellent image quality. High resolution results (512 matrix) are available at tableside in less than 15 seconds*. In addition there is a dedicated syngo DynaCT protocol with reduced dose and shorter acquisition time for dose-sensitive applications.
*Mentioned values are for Artis with PURE and may change depending on system hardware and specific protocol used.

Does syngo DynaCT offer a dedicated neuro protocol?
Yes, there are several syngo DynaCT protocols that can be useful for interventional neuroradiology procedures.
The standard dedicated neuro protocol acquires about 500 projections in 20 seconds. High resolution results (512 matrix) are available at tableside in about 30 seconds*.
There are also protocols for reconstructing information of subtracted scans enabling the easy visualization of vessels in relation to devices such as stents or coil packages and a special protocol for stent follow-up using an intravenous injection.
In addition, with syngo DynaCT SMART (Streak Metal Artifact Reduction Technique) a special reconstruction is included for reducing metal artifacts in the resulting images, which increases the diagnostic confidence and the chance to visualize complications such as bleeds close to metallic objects.
* Mentioned values are for Artis with PURE and may change depending on system hardware and specific protocol used.

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syngo X Workplace: VB21


Please note: Additional technical prerequisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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