Sistema de Ultrassom ACUSON X700Confiança no diagnóstico e no investimento

Características e Benefícios

How do you breed a cost-effective ultrasound system without unnecessary compromises? You borrow from the best and focus on the future. The ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system features a sophisticated imaging engine migrated from our premium imaging products as well as technology to bolster compatibility across systems. It’s designed to be a practical, reliable, and easy-to-operate solution that runs like a champion in any ultrasound environment.

Innovation Migration 
With the ACUSON X700 system, we chose features from some of the most proven sophisticated imaging systems on the market and packaged them in a purpose-built platform. It’s engineered to be a workhorse. But with advanced imaging technology migrated from our premium systems, it’s a workhorse with thoroughbred DNA.

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Engineered Efficiency 
We know that even the smallest efficiencies can add up to an increase in your daily productivity. That’s why the ACUSON X700 system includes a wide range of time-saving benefits including ergonomic design, an intuitive interface, and excellent, responsive service.

Learn more about how you can streamline your workflow with the ACUSON X700 system.

Freedom to Grow
We’ve designed the ACUSON X700 system with built-in features that permit upgrades on your timetable, such transducer compatibility with both ACUSON X Family™ ultrasound system transducers as well as ACUSON S Family system transducers. It has the flexibility to meet your needs today and the potential to evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

Learn more about the ACUSON X700 system for the demands of today, and tomorrow.