CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips
In-office, clinic or hospital testing for early detection of kidney disease in patients with diabetes

CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips
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Quick Reference Guide for CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer

Getting Started

• Turn ON CLINITEK Status®+ analyzer.
• Turn table insert so reagent strip holder is facing upwards.
• Be sure test table and table insert are clean.

• When the "Select" screen appears, touch the Strip Test screen button.
• To begin testing, remove a reagent strip from the bottle.
• Immediately replace the bottle cap.
• Read Steps 3 and 4 and then proceed with Step 3

• Touch START on the "Prepare Test" screen.
• Now complete Step 4 in 8 seconds.

• Dip (1) strip in urine sample, wetting all pads.
• Immediately remove strip from urine.
• Drag (2) the edge of the strip against the side of the sample container as you remove it.

• Blot (3) by touching the edge of strip to paper towel to remove excess urine.
• Place (4) reagent strip in channel of table, with test pads facing up.
• Slide or push strip to end of channel. Do not touch the reagent pads on the test strip

• After 8 seconds, test table will automatically be pulled into the instrument.
• When analysis is complete, the "Results" screen will be displayed.
• Touch More to view the second "Results" screen.




When Test is Finished
• Discard reagent strip.
• Wipe table insert with damp tissue between tests to remove any urine residue, if needed.
• Record or print result, and report with Patient ID, as per laboratory practice.


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