The Acute Care™ myoglobin assay is an in vitro diagnostic test for the measurement of myoglobin in heparinized whole blood /plasma. Myoglobin measurements can be used as an aid in diagnosing myocardial infarction.

Clinical Significance
Following myocadial necrosis associated with myocardial infarction (MI), myoglobin is one of the first markers to rise above normal levels, increasing measurably above baseline within 2-4 hours post-infarct, peaking at 9-12 hours, and returning to baseline within 24-36 hours.1,2 In the absence of skeletal muscle trauma or other factors associated with a non-cardiac related increase in circulating myoglobin, myoglobin levels have been used as an early marker for MI.3,4 A number of reports suggest the measurement of myoglobin as a diagnostic aid in “ruling-out” myocardial infarction with negative predictive values of up to 100% reported at certain time periods after onset of symptoms.

Delivering What Matters

  • One sample, one run, one instrument; increases efficiency in triaging chest pain patients
  • Rapid turnaround time - in as little as 14 min. (with on-board centrifugation)
  • Laboratory quality performance and quantitative results from whole blood in the near-patient care setting
  • Single and ready to use TestPaks Cartridges
    • No reconstitution
    • No warming to room temperature
    • Reduction in reagent waste
    • Reduction in contamination
  • Heparinized whole blood samples
  • Electronic QC (System Check) satisfies daily routine QC requirements permitting liquid QC flexibility 

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