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RSNA 2018 - Radiological Society of North America

Thank you for visiting us at RSNA 2018. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Hopefully, you had a chance to meet our experts in person and explore how you can increase value by expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience, and digitalizing healthcare.
If you weren’t there in person or couldn’t see everything you had planned, you can watch video highlights from our booth below or you can visit our Press Room for all the RSNA press releases and comprehensive background information.

Looking forward to meet you next year at RSNA 2019, 1 Dec 2019 - 6 Dec 2019

RSNA Videos

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming care delivery and expanding precision medicine. Siemens Healthineers has served as a pioneer in AI development for more than 20 years, and new deep learning technology now enables us to automate complex diagnostics and support optimal treatment.

AI-powered tools are transforming care delivery. At RSNA18, we highlighted our full suite of digital offerings including the new AI Companion platform, which includes AI-Rad Companion4 for Radiology and AI-Pathway Companion5 for support along clinical pathways. Colleagues Jörg Aumüller and Razvan Lonasec give the details from the RSNA show floor.

Dr. Ricardo Garcia-Monaco, Chief of Diagnostics and Interventional Radiology at Hospital Italiano de Buenes Aires, Argentina, explains the principles of PAE and how it’s transforming care for men suffering from enlarged prostate.

At RSNA 2018, colleagues Tina Manoharan and Mario Zeiss discuss how our technologies are helping healthcare professionals make more precise decisions along the prostate cancer clinical pathway.

We are expanding boundaries with our imaging technology, and we are also focusing on expanding access to care. At RSNA 2018, we introduced the Syngo Virtual Cockpit which gives virtual access to an expert technologist at up to 3 locations. Plus, we expanded our MRI systems featuring BioMatrix technology.

At RSNA 2018, we showcased how we are dedicated to helping practitioners improve patient experience. Colleague Felix Müller-Witt explains how we are improving the diagnostic experience and Philip Stenner details how advancement in stroke treatments can determine better outcomes for the patients.3

Part of transforming care delivery is to optimize clinical operations. Colleagues Robert Lapp and Gregor Thoermer shares with us how we can improve operational performance by standardize imaging protocols and shorten image acquisition time for certain scans.

As in other modalities, the case load for the radiologists focused on women’s health is increasing. Colleague Abigail Weldon details how solutions powered by artificial intelligence may be able to help.

Using a wide-angle 50-degree Tomosynthesis collection allows Dr. Brandie Fagin of Rush Oak Park Hospital to more easily visualize the more abnormal lesions and reduce the number of screening procedures necessary to diagnose. Hear more about Dr. Fagin’s success.

Dr. Christian Loewe from Vienna General Hospital in Austria joins us at the 2018 RSNA to discuss the future of interventional radiology and how new technology such as multimodality imaging therapy suites like the Nexaris has the potential to open doors to new kinds of treatments.

Product Highlights

syngo via

O AI-Rad Companion Chest CT é baseado na tecnologia IA. Ele pode ajudar a reduzir o tempo de interpretação e descrição de relatórios dos exames.

MULTIX Impact creates a positive patient experience. The welcoming, modern design enhances well-being, and the tube-mounted touchscreen allows staff to stay with patients for longer.
syngo virtual cockpit

syngo.Virtual Cockpit - um software para assistência de digitalização remota, permite tirar o máximo dos seus dispositivos de imagem. Com ele você pode transformar a prestação de cuidados com a saúde e alcançar um nível mais alto de padronização para diagnósticos mais precisos.


MAGNETOM Altea is designed with productivity written in its DNA. Powered by GO technologies, supported by AI, and with our innovative BioMatrix technology, numerous time-consuming workflow steps are significantly reduced through automation.

MAGNETOM Lumina2 is the new 3T Open Bore system that gives you full confidence to deliver the productivity, reproducibility, and patient satisfaction that you demand in MRI.
MAGNETOM Amira | XA12M<br />

MAGNETOM Amira1 with BioMatrix technology is our new 1.5T scanner that helps you differentiate your institution by delivering high-quality imaging even with complex variables – no matter what.

MOBILETT Elara Max mobile X-ray machine

MOBILETT Elara Max is a lightweight and compact system that offers you maximum mobility and positioning flexibility even in tight spaces – with consistently high image quality.

Doctors using syngo.Breast Care for mammogram readings

syngo.Breast Care - Mammography screening and diagnostics involve reading hundreds of images from different sources every day. At high volumes, process efficiency is key in order to remain competitive and maintain a high standard of care.

acuson sequoia

ACUSON Sequoia é uma plataforma de ultrassonografia projetada pelo usuário para o usuário. Ele expande a medicina de precisão, permitindo imagens de alta resolução que se adaptam ao tamanho e às características pessoais dos pacientes.

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