Automate with Experience. Get Results.

Automate with Experience. Get Results.
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At Siemens Healthineers, we understand that there are a lot of differences from one lab to the next. Differences in test volumes, diagnostic systems, assay menus, staffing levels, pre- and post-analytical needs, and budgets combine to make every laboratory unique. And don’t forget about variations in workflow processes that take place before the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Fortunately, Siemens Healthineers offers a broad portfolio of products and the depth of service needed to help ensure that an automation system is designed and maintained to meet each laboratory’s needs. Furthermore, we support best-in-breed strategies that provide our customers rapid access to innovations in diagnostics and automation to meet future needs. Siemens Healthineers turns a portfolio of choices* into lab-specific solutions.

Automation and Advanced Robotics

Plasma Protein Systems

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*Product availability varies by country.

O produto/recurso exibido nesta página Web não está comercialmente disponível em todos os países. Por razões de regulamentação, sua disponibilidade futura não pode ser garantida. Por favor, entre em contato com a organização da Siemens local para maiores detalhes.