Artificial intelligence
Transforming data into knowledge for better care.

Artificial intelligence
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AI-Pathway Companion aims to be the next-generation in clinical decision support systems, intelligently integrating relevant data using artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate diagnosis and treatment decisions along disease-specific pathways.

AI-Pathway Companion has a focus to expand on precision medicine along the clinical pathway with AI-based decision support. The system aims to intelligently integrate longitudinal patient data and co-relate insights from imaging, pathology, lab and genetics.
AI-Pathway Companion is also aimed to personalize and standardize patient management, offering process improvement insights through cohort data analysis of key performance indicators.

Addressing challenges facing the healthcare delivery system

Accurate diagnosis and data integration are two major market challenges facing the healthcare industry today. Billions are wasted due to inefficient and error prone care delivery systems leading to increase in cost and decrease in value-based care.

Lack of data integration disrupts the care continuum process and overall care coordination for patients. Disparate data creates challenges in the gathering of meaningful insights used to effectively diagnose and treat patients.

Transforming care delivery through clinical pathways

Clinical Pathways are integrated multidisciplinary management tools that aids in the coordination and delivery of care, for a well-defined group of patients for effective patient management decisions for diseases or indications. Clinical Pathways are used to reduce variations in practice and align decisions with evidence-based medicine, operational efficiency, and quality.2

Resolving inefficient use of clinical pathways

AI-Pathway Companion is aimed at using guidelines to enable diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for a patient, supporting the clinician in addressing the following fundamental questions:

  • Where is my patient in the pathway?
  • What is the right diagnosis?
  • What is the right treatment?
  • How good is the pathway process?


Integrating insights using Artificial Intelligence functionality enriched in steps

Serving as a pivot point in patient management across multiple clinical pathway

The value-add of an integrated and intelligent decision support system

The product/feature mentioned herein is under development and not commercially available. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

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3Concordance of multi-modal clinical findings.

4Based on relevant clinical study results.

5AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer and AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer Analytics VA10A are currently under development and planned to be commercially available in 2019. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed.