Quadriga BeFree SystemCustomized for blood banks

The Quadriga BeFree® System with Enzygnost® Assays (ELISA) is the solution for blood donor screening and blood banks. It provides fully automated processing of microtitration plates (MTP) and helps detect infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis and others. Quadriga BeFree system and Enzygnost assays:

  • Provide fully automated MTP testing
  • Enable workstation consolidation
  • Integrate flexibly into the laboratory workflow
  • Include comprehensive quality management
  • Provide broad menu of Enzygnost assays for infectious disease diagnostics

Características e Benefícios

The Quadriga BeFree® System is an ideal solution for blood donor screening and very high volume infectious disease diagnostics (IDD). Its menu of proven Enzygnost® assays in microtiter plate (MTP) format covers HIV, hepatitis, and others. It is built by the seamless integration of up to two BEP® III Systems and 1 sample processor. In combination, the Quadriga BeFree and the Enzygnost assays, provide workstation consolidation for IDD laboratories.

Sistema Quadriga BeFree

Workstation consolidation
The Quadriga BeFree System provides a front end solution that automatically performs dispensing of samples from primary tubes via the sample processor component, with an integrated plate transport to the BEP III System. It provides high throughput with a high level of safety and highest quality standards in results.

Various configurations make the Quadriga BeFree System extremely flexible for the use in labs with different volume needs. As a workstation consolidation solution, the Quadriga BeFree System offers the possibility to run MTP based ELISA on one platform fulfilling required safety and GMP/GLP (good manufacturing practice/good laboratory practice) standards.

More features and benefits of the Quadriga BeFree System:

Fully automated MTP system

  • Processes from sample to result; just load, start and walk away.
  • Loads samples continuously in batch mode process
  • The system can automatically generate up to 3,000 results in an 8 hour shift for maximized walkaway operation
  • Offers batch and optimized sample oriented (selective) pipetting
  Quadriga BeFree System

Workplace consolidation

  • Consolidates different workplaces in one workstation
  • Offers implementation of CMV, Syphilis and other ELISA based assays
  • Reduces space: small footprint of about 2.00 x 2.50 m
  • Increases flexibility (highly flexible module configuration)
  • Connects BEP III System seamless through Freedom EVO-2
  • Reduces manual steps

Highly flexible integration into the laboratory workflow

  • All units separately usable
  • Connects to any LIS vendor through universal interface
  • Extended user management with monitor access to the system
  • Allows scalable configuration:
    - 1+1 configuration
    - 1+2 configuration
  • Adapts basically all ELISA MTPs

Smart system software

  • Increases walk away time through only little or no manual intervention
  • Ease of use - "few clicks" to run
  • Demonstrates traceability of important operational steps

Comprehensive quality management

  • Meets safety standards and GLP requirements
  • Includes IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operational Qualification) and SURE (Sample Uniformity REcognition)
  • Provides positive identification of samples, reagents and plates with build-in barcode scanner
  • Tracks the filling levels of all liquids
  • Monitors the system status continuously with the integrated loading interface (in-process control)
  • Validates key operational procedures
  • Shows flexible, clear documentation

*Quadriga BeFree System is a registered trademark of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in the European Community and other countries


Enzygnost® Assays

Virus - Retrovirus
HIV Integral 4

Virus - Hepatitis
HBsAg 6.0
Anti-HBc monoclonal
Anti-HBs II
Anti-HCV 4.0


Virus - Others
Anti-CMV/IgG + IgM

Other assays
IBL Neopterin

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