Plataforma SOMATOM.go
Make success your daily business

Changes in demographics and the healthcare market create a challenging situation for healthcare providers. The market, however, also holds opportunities: Increasing expenditures on healthcare and the continued role of CT as a dominant diagnostic tool make such equipment an investment in the future.

To help healthcare providers thrive in this environment, Siemens Healthineers has developed a new scanner family that lets them deliver better outcomes to more patients: the SOMATOM go. platform1 with the two scanners SOMATOM go.Now1 and SOMATOM go.Up1.

We designed the SOMATOM go. scanners together with our customers to make this equipment a perfect fit when it comes to helping them achieve daily success.

For healthcare providers looking to replace their previous system or who are just starting out in CT imaging, SOMATOM go.Now makes high-quality care accessible and helps them run a successful CT business.

SOMATOM go.Up even opens up the field of preventive care for routine operations, so that providers profit from advanced clinical results and from expanding their CT business while keeping an eye on profitability.


Go for high performance with trendsetting workflows

We focused on intuitive guidance for all users, on easy and undisrupted operation, and on improving the workflows beyond the scanner.

GO technologies form a holistic set of features addressing the workflow even beyond the scan itself. By combining user guidance, automation, and intuitive design, they make patient preparation, image acquisition, reconstruction, reading, and data distribution easier and more efficient.

In addition, we have developed a mobile workflow, a completely new way of operating the scanner that allows staff to stay with patients for longer.


Go for visible growth with profound clinical results

Built on technology that reduces dose and increases performance, the SOMATOM go. platform helps healthcare providers enhance daily scanning and turn complex exams into clinical routine.

From routine oncology, neuro, and orthopedic examinations to high-level angiography, the SOMATOM go.Now helps institutions expand their clinical range and grow with profound clinical results. Users of SOMATOM go.Up can even offer, for example, advanced neuro imaging, lung/colon cancer cancer screening, and first-level cardiac assessment using calcium scoring. In addition, SOMATOM go.Up is well suited for radiation therapy.

The SOMATOM go.platform can therefore be an important factor in attracting more referrals. Not only does it improve routine procedures, it also makes advanced examinations affordable – and allows institutions to tap into reimbursements from exams they were previously unable to offer.


Go for financial certainty with an all-in-one solution

To reduce avoidable costs, SOMATOM go. scanners come with an all-in-one solution for lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This begins with an attractive low initial investment thanks to the design of the scanner: The gantry-integrated computers and mobile workflow give institutions flexibility when setting up their CT room.

The scanner components and underlying software algorithms were specifically chosen for reliability, remote serviceability, and extended tube lifetime. And with the purchase of the scanner and its connection to the Siemens Remote Service infrastructure, customers also receive Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan2, a multi-year embedded service package2 which includes standard spare parts3. The package also encompasses new, blended customer product training that allows continuous high-level education.

For our customers, this means streamlined training, fewer worries about downtimes or hidden costs, and, most importantly, access to affordable, high-quality CT.


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1This product is pending 510(k) clearance and is not yet commercially available in the US.

2Powered by Siemens Remote Service. Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan is subject to regional adaptions/restrictions.

3Excluding X-ray tube and tablet. Additional tube and tablet coverage solutions are optionally available.