SOMATOM Perspective
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SOMATOM Perspective
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What our customers are saying

SOMATOM® Perspective is proven in practice. Users world-wide have confirmed that in addition to the wide clinical portfolio, the positive financial aspects of the scanner are especially valuable – from the quick and uncomplicated installation to the efficient daily use.

"We have already scanned around 800 patients. We have studied all possible conditions, whether oncologic, pediatric, cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal or cerebral and indeed, the results we get are truly satisfying."
Dr. Alexandre Fuchs
Imagerie Medicale Sainte-Marie, Pontoise, France

"(…) of course, reimbursement in the health sector keep receding. What is needed are systems that are more cost-efficient than previous ones. The SOMATOM Perspective, for example, through its eMode and the included service benefits, can certainly help here."
Dr. Johann-C. Steffens
Radiology of Israelitisches Krankenhaus, Hamburg, Germany

"This system offers some algorithms and software which are extremely advantageous. One is iTrim, which is an algorithm that improves temporal resolution."
Dr. Paulo Pedro
Cardiologist at S.A.M.S, Lisbon, Portugal

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