SOMATOM Perspective
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SOMATOM Perspective
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Widen your clinical portfolio

Innovative Siemens technology and design open doors for new business in high-end CT imaging for a better perspective for your patients and your daily routine.

SOMATOM Perspective is based on a proven system platform that enables high-end imaging at extremely low dose. It can detect very small diagnostic details with its unique Interleaved Volume Reconstruction (IVR), expanding the scanner’s clinical applications.

Cardiac imaging simplified: SOMATOM Perspective helps increase patient-centric productivity with FAST CARE technology and innovative features. FAST Cardio Wizard provides step-by-step guidance for cardio examinations, boosting reliability and reproducibility. ECG Check and Cardio BestPhase™ automatically identify the best arterial phases. SOMATOM Perspective can also be equipped with the Iterative Temporal Resolution Improvement Method (iTRIM) algorithm, for a temporal resolution as low as 195 msec.

Routine high-speed imaging: With its unique Siemens SureView™ concept, and a 64-row detector coverage, there are no trade-offs between scan speed and image quality – long scan ranges at submillimeter collimation are easier. SureView’s spiral image reconstruction algorithm facilitates challenging, long scans in clinical routine, for example in acute care scenarios.

Single Source Dual Energy: Metal artifacts can present a major challenge when imaging hip implants or complicated fractures. This is where Siemens’ pioneering Single Source Dual Energy (SSDE) technology comes in. It adds valuable quantitative information to the morphology of conventional CT scans making it easier to differentiate material. This feature can also be used in further clinical fields, including for imaging kidney stones or verifying gout diagnoses. And best of all, setting up a SSDE examination is as easy as a regular spiral scan.

Impressive dose reduction with SAFIRE1: Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) brings the full dose-saving potential of iterative reconstruction to clinical practice. SAFIRE - Siemens' first raw-data based iterative reconstruction - can reduce radiation dose by up to 60%, and improve image quality in regard to contrast, sharpness, and noise.

Manage your financial performance.

SOMATOM Perspective, with its unique eCockpit, is the first scanner on the market to deliver medically superior performance while also considering your business perspectives.

The scanner presents a unique combination of superior medical performance and optimal accommodation of business needs. It is designed and engineered to help reduce costs, so that more medical institutions can afford enhanced patient care.

eCockpit: The unique eCockpit, standard on all SOMATOM Perspective scanners, enables more cost-efficient operation before, during and after a CT scan. Its easy-to-use features eStart, eMode and eSleep extend the scanner’s lifespan by preventing unnecessary wear and tear, reduce overheads by minimizing energy consumption, and strike the right balance between dose and image quality.

16-, 32-, 64- and 128-slice configurations: SOMATOM Perspective integrates innovations that enable you to scale the scanner’s performance to your requirements. The system can be fully upgraded on-site, at any time – giving your facility room to grow.

Engineered to reduce costs: SOMATOM Perspective’s sleek, modern design and thin, elegant gantry require just 18.5 m2 (199 ft²) of floor space. Its installation is uncomplicated, and often takes less than two days. Due to reduced heat dissipation, SOMATOM Perspective also requires less air conditioning and operating power than other scanners: 70 kVA of electricity and cooling for just 8.5 kW of heat dissipation.

Ease your working day.

SOMATOM Perspective keeps your clinical needs in focus by enhancing usability and productivity, supporting workflow excellence, improving patient care and increasing efficiency.

SOMATOM Perspective was designed to automate time-consuming steps and accelerate image reconstruction. Intelligent technologies such as WorkStream4D™ virtually eliminate the need for manual processes. This expedites the entire scanning workflow and enables faster decision-making.

Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST): Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST): Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) make time-consuming and complex procedures faster and more intuitive. FAST Planning enables immediate, organ-based setting of scan and recon ranges with no manual adjustment. And FAST Spine helps to prepare the most challenging anatomically aligned spine reconstructions with a single click.

Integrated display panel: The gantry front display shows the patient’s name and current scan parameters such as kV, mA, scan time, table position, gantry tilt, and ECG trace – a valuable advantage during cardio exams.

Illumination Moodlight: The Illumination Moodlight LED light panel provides a more comfortable scanning environment and can be easily adjusted to your or the patient’s preference.
Slim design: The slim gantry increases patient comfort while offering easy access for interventional procedures.

Storage box: To avoid unnecessary interruptions to the daily routine, the practical storage box holds all the basic CT positioning accessories. With these close at hand, you can position the patient faster and easier.

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1In clinical practice, the use of SAFIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. The following test method was used to determine a 54 to 60% dose reduction when using the SAFIRE reconstruction software. Noise, CT numbers, homogenity, low-contast resolution and high contrast resolution were assessed in a Gammex 438 phantom. Low dose data reconstructed with SAFIRE showed the same image quality compared to full dose data based on this test. Data on file.