CT Neuro Engine
Driving progress to reduce door-to-needle time in stroke.

CT Neuro Engine
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Choose between the CT Neuro Engine and the CT Neuro Engine Pro to best fit your personal needs and institutions requirements.

Software modules in the CT Neuro Engine:

  • syngo.CT Neuro DSA - allows for bone-free evaluation of the neuro vasculature. Main indications are the diagnostic evaluating of neurovascular disease (e.g. aneurysms & stenosis) and planning interventional treatment (e.g. coiling and stenting).
  • syngo.CT Neuro Perfusion visualizes blood perfusion in the brain. This can help in acute ischemic stroke to estimate the extent of tissue at risk to infarct (penumbra) that is potentially salvageable with further therapy.
  • syngo Volume Perfusion CT Neuro visualizes blood perfusion in the brain. Offers similar functionality compared to syngo.CT Neuro Perfusion directly at the Acquisition Work Place (AWP). Also offering brain tumor evaluation and enhanced volumetric functionality incl. VOI tool.


Hardware modules in the CT Neuro Engine Pro:

  • The Adaptive 4D Spiral in combination with the CT Neuro Engine Pro provides extended coverage for dynamic contrast enhanced scans.
  • The Tiltable Head Holder helps to ensure optimal positioning for Neuro imaging. It tilts the patient’s head forward to better match the brain anatomy with the scanners field of view. This minimizes dose exposure to the eyes and prevents patient movement.  


Software modules in the CT Neuro Engine Pro:

  • syngo.CT Dynamic Angio – dynamically visualizes blood flow from the arterial to the venous phases. Videos and images show diseases that affect the vessel system. In ischemic stroke, the application of the CT Neuro Engine helps you better characterize the clot. In addition, it is being used more and more to visualize delayed collaterals with tMIP images. This makes it easier for you to select patients who are more likely to benefit from further treatment.


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