CT Acute Care Engine
Driving progress with quick and comprehensive trauma diagnosis.

CT Acute Care Engine
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The CT Acute Care Engine and the CT Acute Care Engine Pro open up two different levels of diagnostic possibilities.

Hardware features in the CT Acute Care Engine

  • HeartView for ECG-controlled data acquisition and image reconstruction
  • Cardio BestPhase for automatic best systolic and diastolic phase selection
  • MinDose ECG Pulsing for 20-30% dose saving in cardiac function1
  • Long scan ranges for whole body CT angiography
  • Extended FOV for scanning of, e.g. obese patients

Software modules in the CT Acute Care Engine

Optional integrated Dual Energy features in the CT Acute Care Engine

Additional hardware features in the CT Acute Care Engine Pro

  • Adaptive 4D Spiral for whole organ coverage in perfusion CT as well as phase-resolved imaging
  • z-UHR for ultra-high resolution bone imaging, in particular for wrists, joints, and inner ear studies

Additional software modules in the CT Acute Care Engine Pro

Other optional features

  • syngo.CT PE CAD4 for automatic detection of filling defects during review of CT pulmonary angiograms
  • syngo.CT Bone Reading for fast rib and spine assessment in multiple trauma cases 
  • syngo.CT Myocardial Perfusion for the evaluation of dynamic myocardial perfusion data
  • syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning offers the automatic completion of manufacturer-specific stent order forms


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1Available for SOMATOM Definition Scanners

2Requires syngo.CT DE Direct Angio

3Requires syngo.CT DE Heart PBV

4Not commercially available in the U.S.