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Clinical Performance Companion

Leverage clinical data to optimize your fleet

The Clinical Performance Companion supports your institution in making informed data-driven investment decisions and leveraging clinical data to optimize your fleet. Get an overview of how disease trends develop over the next years specifically for your geographical area. Analyze the data, see what will become relevant, and know the potential challenges of tomorrow already today. Prepare yourself by diving deeper into related scientific publications and find solutions particularly for your institution –  all this in one place. Clinical Performance Companion is fully integrated into teamplay Fleet, a teamplay digital health platform solution that enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers.

Disease Trends

The Clinical Performance Companion provides you with data from IHME, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Depending on availability of data, you will see either insights for your specific country or a broader region. Analyze the data and see which disease trends will be prevalent in five years from now. Receive recommendations on where to focus to be able to provide best patient care and stay competitive in the long run. 


Take a look at a collection of disease trend related publications to dive deeper into the topic you are interested in. Having all the information in one place, you can encounter information overload and stay up-to-date with relevant and high-quality publications.1


As part of teamplay Fleet, Clinical Performance Companion is tailored to your installed imaging system from Siemens Healthineers. Get transparency and discover what you have already installed, which software applications, hardware features and upgrades are available, and how you can optimize your systems’ clinical performance.2 Make informed, data-driven investment decisions for suitable solutions, explore corresponding e-trainings, and share the information with your colleagues. Get all the information with only a few clicks and make your systems future-proof for upcoming clinical disease trends and potential challenges of tomorrow. 


You can personalize the entire content so that it fits to your specific needs. Explore what you are interested in by filtering disease trends, publications and suitable solutions based on a specific modality or your clinical focus. Moreover, you can filter for the most threatening diseases, our clinical focus topics, stroke, coronary artery disease, liver cancer and lung cancer.