Low Dose Coronary CT Angiography using ECG-Gated Retrospective Spiral CT

Paulo G. Pedro, MD, Rui Cruz Ferreira, MD, Raquel Gouveia, MD, Rui Conduto, MD, Berta Carôla, MD, Elisabete d’Ascensão, FT, Miguel Pereira, RT
Department of Cardiology and Imagiology, SAMS Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal

A 75-year-old male patient, with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, was admitted due to a recent onset of atypical chest discomfort. The physical examination was unremarkable. Biometric parameters, such as weight (58 kg), height (169 cm), heart rate (53 bpm), blood pressure (130/80 mmHg), as well as ECG and echocardiogram were normal at admission. A maximal treadmill stress test (Bruce Protocol) disclosed moderate exercise tolerance (7’30’’) with no angina but minor ST-T changes on the left precordial leads. A coronary CT angiography (cCTA) was requested for further evaluation.