Combined Coronary and Carotid CTA with 60 mL Contrast Agent and a Radiation Dose of only 1.7 mSv

Cíntia A. Melo, MD*; Maria Eduarda M. Siqueira, MD*; Mayra Dias, MD*; Rainer Haetinger, MD, PhD*; Luis A.G. Gabure, MD*; Milena C. Gravinatti*; Cesar A.M. Cattani, MD, PhD*, Caroline B. de Paula**|2015-06-03

*Department of Radiology, Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil
**Siemens Healthineers Brazil

A 55-year-old male patient, with atypical chest pain, syncope, hyperlipidemia, and a family history of coronary artery disease (CAD), underwent a treadmill test. This was inconclusive due to a left-bundle branch block. A coronary and a carotid CT angiography (CTA) were requested by the referring physician to rule out coronary and/ or carotid artery disease.