Unknown Partially Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection in a Symptomatic Adult

Department of Cardiovascular CT and MRI of the Heart Hospital (HCor), São Paulo, Brazil*
Siemens Healthineers Brazil**

*Adriano Camargo de Castro Carneiro, MD; Valéria de Melo Moreira, MD; Tiago Augusto Magalhães, PhD, MD; Mariana Macedo Lamacié, MSc, MD; Helder Jorge de Andrade Gomes, MD; Matheus de Souza Freitas, MD; Paulo César Ferraz Dias Filho, MD; Fábio Vieira Fernandes, MD; Bernardo Noya Alves de Abreu, MD; Juliana Hiromi Silva Matsumoto Bello, MD; Carlos Eduardo Elias dos Prazeres, MD; Carlos Eduardo Rochitte, PhD, MD
**Caroline Bastida de Paula, BD


A 42-year-old female patient, with a known history of paroxysmal atrial tachyarrythmia for the past 27 years and exertional dyspnea for the past two, had undergone various exercise stress tests and echocardiographs. All these results were within the normal range. She developed exertional chest pain within the past month and a coronary CT angiography (cCTA) was requested to rule out coronary anomalies.