Marta Spichal : Team Player, Site Manager, Cultural Scholar


Marta Spichal has a degree in cultural studies, so it’s fairly safe to say that she never expected to end up where she is now: Working as a site manager for Siemens Healthineers at Berlin’s Charité hospital. To go from exploring the finer points of contemporary culture to discussing the inner workings of imaging equipment with doctors and technicians might sound like a major leap. And Marta was certainly slightly overwhelmed by it at first. These days, however, she navigates the job – and the miles of corridors and many campuses of the huge university hospital – with an ease and confidence that only comes from being extremely good at what you do.

Siemens Healthineers covers over 300 imaging systems across three Charité campuses under a Managed Service agreement. Like any busy hospital, the physicians here need the equipment to be ready round the clock. That’s where Marta comes in. She handles everything to do with the systems, from data transfer issues to arranging training programs for new users. Marta loves the variety of her job, and her pathway proves that you don’t need an engineering or medical degree to find success at Siemens Healthineers.

“Our team dynamics run so smoothly that I often forget whether I’m working for the hospital or for Siemens Healthineers. That’s what you call successful customer engagement!”