RAPIDChem 744/754 Electrolyte and Lithium Testing Analyzers
Perform electrolyte and lithium analysis simply and accurately

RAPIDChem 744/754 Electrolyte and Lithium Testing Analyzers
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Sample Size

Normal55 µL
Capillary50 µL
Urine300 µL          

Sample Type

Whole Blood
Diluted Urine

Analysis Time

35 seconds                             

60 seconds

(Na+/K+/Cl- only)



Automatic or on-demand

Parameter Specifications

System Size and Weight

Width37.0 cm (14.5 in.)
Depth18.0 cm (7 in.)
Height32 cm (12.5 in.)
Weight7.3 kg. (16 lbs.) with reagent module


Power Requirements

Voltage:100V (85-110V), 120V (102-132V), 230V (187-242V), 240V (204-264V)
Frequency:50/60 Hz 



Temperature:15°C to 32°C 


External Interface

 RS-232 Port 


Data Storage

 64 Patient results with Operator ID, Patient ID, Date and Time
QC (up to 31 results for each of 3 levels)


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