Automating Inventory Management in the LabStreamlining Your Storeroom

Shelly Trout, Rita White


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Duration: 1 hour

How you manage your stock of reagent and other consumables may not seem like the most important part your responsibilities, but it is vital to your diagnostic lab’s operations.

The Stockroom Struggle for Small and Mid-sized Labs
If your lab is like most, you still track stock in spreadsheets and logbooks. Unfortunately, such inefficient and error-prone manual methods can disrupt your workflow, strain your budget, and burden your techs. Most importantly, depleted or expired stock will delay—or even halt—your ability to perform tests. Small and mid-sized labs tend to think that their volume doesn’t justify a more advanced solution.

Excela Health Streamlines Their Storeroom
Excela, a multisite acute-care hospital system, cost-effectively automated inventory management in its labs. The new system includes real-time RFID inventory tracking, cloud-based intelligent order management, and integrated e-commerce—all accessible from any workstation.

Invite your CEO, CFO, and Purchasing Manager to join you to learn how a smart investment in automated inventory management helped Excela to:

  • Cut reagent utilization by half.
  • Reduce time to process an order by 35%.
  • Stop wasting money on excess or expired stock.
  • Eliminate onerous counting of boxes.
  • Improve accuracy and reduce errors.
Shelly Trout, MT(ASCP)

Shelly Trout, MT(ASCP)
Chemistry System Supervisor – Laboratory
Excela Health System

Rita White

Rita White
U.S. Marketing Director for Automation and Informatics
Siemens Healthcare Laboratory Diagnostics

Julia Melzner

Julia Melzner
Senior Director, Global Solutions Marketing
Siemens Healthcare Laboratory Diagnostics

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