Radiation Therapy Accessories

Helping to achieve prime outcomes for every single patient, by completing the RT workflow with key accessories.

Respiratory Gating AZ733VI by Anzai

Respiratory Gating System is essential to the imaging diagnoses and the radiation therapy. In the imaging diagnoses, the respiration-gated image provides the blur-corrected image, and in the radiation treatment it minimizes the area of the treatment target tumor which moves due to patient respiration.
We would like to introduce the new model, AZ-733VI, with the additional safety function and the new type of respiratory sensor “Laser Sensor“.

Article number: 11154967

Quantum CT Overlay by Qfix

QUANTUM™ CT Overlays create a flat, indexed surface ready for RT simulation. Varian Exact® Indexing comes standard.
At just 51.4 cm (20.25 in) wide and 1.6 cm (5/8 in) thick, the QUANTUM™ CT Overlay is both narrower and thinner than most other indexed CT overlays. This ultrathin profile increases the usable bore space.

Article number: 10847141