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How to address the main challenges of healthcare providers today and tomorrow?

Due to the discussions and daily work held with different institutions across the globe, Siemens Healthineers has valuable insights about the complex challenges and questions that healthcare providers face presently: 

How can healthcare providers optimize their overall efficiency?

Having many specialized departments with multiple interfaces can be challenging. Together with you, we determine your individual potential for optimization of patient flow based on a detailed analysis (i.e. detailed assessment of processes and departments). The combination of our digital solution, together with our consulting know-how and expertise, will enable you to reduce “waste” and overhead burden in your existing and future workflows.

How can healthcare providers increase staff satisfaction and improve patient experience while keeping the human element in mind?

We focus on key solution elements that provide your staff with relevant context data to simplify processes across departments. We also investigate on reducing activities that do not provide value to the existing processes (i.e. looking for equipment, personnel waiting time, etc.). Focusing on the human element, we enable you to free up some time so your staff could focus even more on patient care to optimally increase staff satisfaction and improve patient experience.

How can healthcare providers foster additional transparency within the continuum of care?

Since all healthcare organizations are part of a bigger continuum of healthcare, and they are partially dependent on processes needed to align across different institutions, we bring benchmarking expertise in to increase transparency. Together, in close collaboration with key institutions and their pre-acute and post-acute trusted partners, we will identify key areas in which transparency and foresight are needed to improve work across institutions.

Key challenges to hospitals and health systems

Patient Journey Management - Main challenge: Operational


Low overall transparency of patient and resource situation at a given time, missing foresight and prediction of upcoming demand, and need for optimization of hospital workflows and processes.
Patient Journey Management - Main challenge: Patient experience

Patient experience

Dissatisfaction with overall experience (e.g. wait and transfer times, create more time for patient care).
Patient Journey Management - Main challenge: Clinical


Longer than needed hospitalizations, lack of timely patient treatment.
Patient Journey Management - Main challenge: Financial


Shrinking operating margins; poor staff retention; inefficient/sub-optimal use of resources.

Learn more about Patient Journey Management (PJM) from Siemens Healthineers

Conceptually, Patient Journey Management focuses on optimizing the “Patient Journey”, primarily from an operations perspective, as the name describes, with the patient in focus. In order to optimize the patient’s journey through the hospital, the operations teams need transparency of end-to-end processes and workflows. Strongly complemented by transformational consulting, our solution facilitates decision-making linked with real-time information on the capacity of medical and human resources.

Delivering on this promise requires tailored solutions to the unique context of your healthcare enterprise. Patient Journey Management from Siemens Healthineers provides a comprehensive approach that provides transparency as a mean on one end, while enabling a positive transformation in a long-term partnership on the other to deliver the results you want at your institution.

Patient Journey Management solutions must be built around the specific challenges and opportunities of the institution and the people it is meant to serve if it is to be effective.

Siemens Healthineers Patient Management Command Center Continuum of Care

That is why Siemens Healthineers is connecting with a broad array of healthcare provider organizations, from independent community hospitals to large regional health networks, to develop a next-generation solution.

Today’s Operational Command Centers help to track the various value streams at a facility or even health system level, yet they are complex to implement and to manage – the solution for tomorrow is a comprehensive, scalable platform that can be custom configured and implemented to best serve your healthcare enterprise today and in the years to come.

Siemens Healthineers Patient Management Command Center ICON Expand Services

Choose the functions you need from a wide variety of capabilities:

  • Operational performance optimization
  • Operational KPI dashboards
  • Change management
  • Process mapping and simulation
  • Real-time transparency and decision support for operations
  • All backed by Siemens Healthineers on-site consultants

The distinctive combination of competencies from Siemens Healthineers as a global technology leader in MedTech and Siemens AG, also a leader in Industry 4.0 solutions, with a foundation of decades of experience is the competent basis to serve a broad spectrum in the continuum of healthcare.

This blend of knowledge using recent innovative technologies along with a strong emphasis on expert consulting allows the creation of tailored solutions for our customers.

Siemens Healthineers Patient Management Command Center ICON Operational value
  • Transparency of real-time data for specific and actionable insights
  • Holistic overview of demand and supply in your healthcare facility
  • Smoother patient journeys
  • Improved patient and staff experience
  • Higher throughput and utilization
  • Improved financial performance

At the heart of every Siemens Healthineers patient journey management solution is a data engine created specifically for healthcare applications. The data engine integrates multiple data sources from your institution with predictive AI and operations research into a single system of oversight and foresight.

This unparalleled real-time transparency into the operations of your enterprise helps you keep supply and demand in balance and your operation run smoothly and hence keep patients and staff satisfied and productive. The data engine also provides the foundation for additional functionalities so that you can tailor the solution to your situation. Our solution can help you optimize your operational processes to the benefit of patients, care teams, and – not least – your financials.

Complex and dynamic environments demand for transparency and well-engineered break-down of simplicity to remain in control. We offer you knowledge and best practices derived from our Siemens global experience and various clients from MedTech, industry and infrastructure reached from locally managed projects, i.e. in traffic and infrastructure networks, up to the planning, implementation and management of complete system-wide and complex infrastructure grids.

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