The MAX effect
Where gains multiply

The MAX effect

Discover the smart way to save with the MAX effect: Save investment costs thanks to detector swapping, reduce the number of rooms required with More-in-1 MAX systems, and keep staff training to a minimum thanks to one usability.

Save on time and costs with MAXswap

Swapping wireless detectors to another MAX system1 within 30 seconds can reduce the investment needed for high imaging versatility and a sound detector backup solution. With MAXswap you can achieve a new level of utilization with your radiography equipment.

Savings on room, product and service costs

Save investment costs2 and reduce the number of rooms required. The combination of full radiographic and fluoroscopic versatility in one MAX system like Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max or Multitom Rax opens up previously unknown possibilities. Balance the examination workload within the radiology department with the same high image quality and reading efficiency. You can save rooms, save time and save money with your medical x-ray technology .

Savings on examination time

Increase overall efficiency and workflow in your radiology department by decreasing examination time with your MAX system. Multiply the benefits of the MAX effect with each additional MAX system.

Savings on training costs

Keep staff training to a minimum: to know one MAX system is to know them all. MAX systems have a high degree of recognition with one syngo FLC usability. Organ programs are individually standardized across all modalities.

1MAX systems are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further information.

2Numbers are based on internal measurements / data. IN NO EVENT DOES SIEMENS MAKE (i) ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO ANY USE OF THIS DEVICE (II) ANY GUARANTEES REGARDING ACTUAL RESULTS (E.G., PROFITS, CASH FLOW OR RETURN ON INVESTMENT), WHICH WILL VARY BASED ON NUMEROUS FACTORS OUTSIDE THE CONTROL OF SIEMENS. In addition, actual revenues and expenses will vary depending on the specific operating costs, types and number of procedures performed, reimbursement amounts and many other factors of an institution. Prior to the expansion of service and the acquisition of any medical equipment, each institution should consider seeking independent advice (including financial and legal advice) with respect to current and future demand for healthcare services as well as the assumptions necessary to complete the actual calculation.